Hi, I'm Suzanne.

Are you thinking about hiring a helping professional to support you? Something powerful takes place when you commit to caring for yourself in a formal coaching partnership. Real change happens.

If you are ready to

  • feel confident and clear in every aspect of your life
  • reconnect to authentic and divine you, and
  • fulfill your soul's big dream

let me be your guide and biggest fan.

I will be a nurturing but strong mama bear for your highest self, helping you find your way through this life transition to envision, design, and launch your next soul-aligned and joyful chapter.

I believe in you...and your dreams!

A Holistic Support System

I am both a life coach and a karmic astrologer. This means I combine the best of practical coaching techniques to take action and get results, with soulful astrological tools to help you reconnect to your inner voice of wisdom and the rhythms of our natural world to design and launch your dream life.

...because you deserve to have the dream life you seek!

I am clinically trained as a mental health counselor and received my Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling in 2003, which blends mental health with spirituality. Today, I practice as a life & small business coach, karmic astrologer, and spiritual teacher. I help women in transition find their soul's true path, cultivate more self-love, and design work, life, and play that bring them joy and abundance.

My Credentials

  • Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling, Loyola University in Maryland
  • Levels 1 & 2 Karmic Astrology Training, Partners for Karmic Freedom
  • Board Certified Coach Training, Institute for Life Coach Training
  • 18 years of small business experience
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Meet My Mentors

I studied with pioneer karmic astrologer of 40+ years, Linda Brady, regarding the in's and out's of karmic astrology and the Aquarian philosophy, and I continue under her mentorship. I have also worked with Michael Brady, past life regressionist and guided meditation guru with 40 years of experience. To learn more about the philosophy I trained under or to get started on your own journey, check out Linda and Michael's life-changing books.


Discovering Your Soul Mission

Learn about the self-empowering transition to the Age of Aquarius, your soul mission and soul pattern, soulmates vs. karmic warning bells, soul contracts, signs and symbols, and your personal karmic astrology.

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Get to know your inner child personally as well as your inner mother and father, using astrology, so you can provide your child what she or he needs, freeing you up to live the joyful, successful, and abundant life you seek!

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Let's Talk!

You deserve to feel divine, connected, and whole. You deserve to love yourself completely and to have a life you deeply love.

Nervous to jump in?

I will offer you compassion, while holding space for your big dreams. I will guide you to reconnect to your soul and the divine wisdom of the universe so you are empowered to create your soul-aligned next chapter. We will even have some fun in the process!

If you want a partner to honor your pace and your process while giving you gentle nudges forward and invitations to grow, I'm your coach and teacher.

Want to learn more?

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