Written astrology reports to help you discover your life purpose. Find your peace by finding your path.
Are you going through divorce, job burnout, chronic illness or empty nest and wondering what your life purpose is now?

It can feel lonely and confusing to be a healer, light worker, or starseed.

Ever since you were born, you've had a sense that you came to Earth with an important purpose. But no one helped you discover it.  Mainstream society taught you to work a "normal" job, but when you went there, you felt purposeless and maybe even miserable.

You often felt a little different from other people.

Growing up, you may have found it hard to understand all the aggression and violence in the world. All you wanted to do was shine your love onto the world, but society taught you to toughen up and get over it.

Are you going through divorce, job burnout, chronic illness or empty nest and wondering what your life purpose is now?
Are you going through divorce, job burnout, chronic illness or empty nest and wondering what your life purpose is now?

This led you to question yourself.

You may have wanted to end global hunger, protect the environment, or bring peace to the world. Maybe you wanted to brighten the world by making and sharing your beautiful art with it.

Society gave you messages that you were impractical, naive, or a "bleeding" heart, so you chose a more practical career path, or moved from job to job, always feeling a bit disappointed or lost.

There were days you weren't even sure if you could keep going.

Even though you did not follow your dream, you never fully gave up on it.

Your passion to make the world a better place stayed on a low simmer inside of you, no matter how many distractions or life stages you experienced. Now, you are ready to re-ignite your passion and your purpose. Thank goodness! The world needs you.

Welcome home starseeds, healers, light workers, indigos, intuitives, empaths, creatives, and spiritual entrepreneurs.

It's your turn to grow and blossom.

It's your turn to discover and fulfill your soul's purpose. You have found a safe place to be you, where you will find respect for your unique passions, inner guidance, and personal callings.

Our purpose is to help you remember your soul's authentic purpose,

as shown in your astrology chart and your inner voice of wisdom. Before you were born, your higher self and your Spirit Team selected your life purpose. As you were being born, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge of forgetting, and your memories of the Other Side dimmed. Thankfully, you came to Earth with a road map to help you remember your purpose. Yet, not everyone knows how to find this road map or how to interpret it. It is the diagram of the stars and the planets in the sky at the moment you took your first breath! It is your astrology birth chart!

Astrology is a language.

Let us translate it for you!

Introducing the Life Purpose Astro-Report

Get access to the secret, cosmic blueprint for your life purpose.

We know how frustrating it can be to have a deep passion to help humanity without a clear focus for how to use your gifts.

We understand how discouraging it can feel to live in a society that teaches us not to value our intuition, our kindness, our artistry, or our sensitive nature.


As a starseed and an intuitive, our founder, Suzanne Bellavista, MS, understands how lonely and uncomfortable it can be

to feel like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole when it comes to traditional careers and our fast-paced modern lifestyle. The typical career of 40+ hours each week in an office building often doesn't suit a healer, creative, or intuitive. And traditional educational programs and career-coaching services are not equipped to help starseeds find their true path.

After engaging in hundreds of hours of astrology coaching with clients, Suzanne has created our fun and easy-to-use Life Purpose Astrology Reports

to help other starseeds, healers, creatives, intuitives, and light workers like you clarify their life purpose and soul's mission so they can stop wandering and start fulfilling their unique mission in a joyful, heartfelt way. Are you ready to do the same?

What Suzanne's Clients Have to Say...

You CAN get clear on your life purpose, using astrology.

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