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Hi, I'm Suzanne Bellavista.

I am a spiritual life coach and intuitive reiki healer here to help women in transition reconnect to their inner voice of wisdom, remember their life purpose, and design the next chapter of their joyful, soul-aligned life.

Before you were born, your Soul and your Spirit Team got clear on what your purpose would be in this lifetime, but you may have forgotten it along the journey of life. I offer individual sessions or 3-month coaching and healing packages (in person or via distance) to help you remember it!

You will not find these exact services anywhere else. I have developed my offerings in close contact with Spirit, from a blend of my many types of education, and then designed them for light workers and healers like you.

You do not need to be a traditional healer (reiki, acupuncture, massage, etc.) to be a healer on the planet at this time. The world needs healers in every profession, and in all lines of work and play.  If you fulfill your purpose in this lifetime with joy, love, and passion, you will help to heal this world and those around you!

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Are you living a life that depletes you?

  • Do you wake up feeling down or depressed on Monday morning because you don't enjoy your work or life?
  • Have you lost touch with who you really are?
  • Do you have a secret passion project you'd love to bring to life?
  • Are you getting over a break-up and need help healing and moving forward?
  • Would you like to cultivate more clarity, confidence, and self-love?
  • Are you in the middle of a life transition and you'd like to turn it into a powerful personal transformation?
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Bring your soul's big dream to life!

It's Time to Absolutely Love Your Life

  • Wake up on Monday mornings excited about work, play, and life


  • Enjoy clear focus and high energy because you have a vision and a plan for your life ahead


  • Feel inner peace because you are loving yourself, enjoying your joyful life and sharing your unique gifts with the world in the way your soul intended

How It Works


  • We speak every week or every other week by phone


  • You do fieldwork in between sessions.


  • Enjoy your joyful, soul-aligned life!


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What Suzanne's Clients Have to Say...

Darlene Elkins, Artistic Photographer

"Suzanne's unique and empowering approach to coaching is one of the reasons I've reinstated dreams and goals back into my life at this time."

Jen Shirkani, Speaker & Author

"Suzanne was able to challenge my thinking and raise my spiritual and self-awareness to help me better identify what I want and, more importantly, what I need."

Marilyn  Bushey, Executive Coach

"Suzanne has worked with me to see things more clearly, to set my intentions accordingly, and achieve my aspirations."

Darlene Elkins, Tampa, Florida, Artistic Photographer, Photographs for the Soul

Jen Shirkani, Mesa, Arizona, Speaker & Book Author, including Choose Resilience: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone Using the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Marilyn Bushey, Lake Dallas, Texas, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, and Co-Author of Retirement Your Way: The No Stress Roadmap for Designing Your Next Chapter and Loving Your Future

How to Get Started


  • Book a complimentary discovery session with me



  • Enjoy consciously designing and living your soul-aligned life!


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What Other Happy Clients Have to Say...

Annie, Novelist & Philanthropist

"I thank the universe every day for bringing Suzanne into my life...The only word I can think of for this incredibly transformative work is: magic."

Monica, Astrology Coach

"The depth of Suzanne's intuition is amazing. It's as though the symbols in my birth chart stood up and spoke directly to her. I experienced many moments of goosebumps as she spoke the truth of what my soul wanted me to hear."

Lori, Healthcare Professional

"Suzanne is compassionate, smart, intuitive, professional, and a gifted listener. Seriously, give this unique approach of Aquarian life coaching a try---you won't regret it."

Choose the right product or service for you...

Individual Sessions

Treat yourself to an astrological life coaching session or reiki healing session with Suzanne to get clear on what's next.

Soul Mission Planner

Buy the astrology-based Soul Mission Planner to help you engage in a weekly planning ritual to sync up with universal energy & your soul's true path.

3-Month Coaching Packages

Work with me for 90+ days to design and launch your next joyful and soul-aligned chapter of work, play, and life!


Not sure where to start?

Let's talk. I offer 20-minute complimentary discovery calls so you can learn more about what I offer and find out what product or service is right for you. Not ready to buy? No worries. You can jump on my email list or follow me on social until you are ready to take the next step. Scroll down...

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Realign With Your Soul Each Week

I've dedicated my life full-time to spirituality so you don't have to. If you're busy but still want to live soulfully, let me open the door for you.

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