Life Purpose Sessions

60-Minute Life-Purpose Coaching Session ($148) - Knowing your purpose can bring meaning, clarity, motivation, and joy to your life. Hooray! In this interactive coaching session, we will tap into your astrological chart, my intuitive gifts, and your inner voice of wisdom to help you discover, clarify, and fulfill your life purpose. We will discuss your soul mission as shown in your astrology chart, workshop your current questions, and design next steps for you to take action. You will also receive a write-up after the session via email summarizing key points from the meeting for future inspiration, with optional fieldwork to make progress. 

90-Minute Life-Purpose Coaching Session ($188) - Includes the same elements as the 60-minutes session, with extended time to cover more topics, such as additional goals or more components of your life purpose as shown in your astrology chart. You will also receive a write-up from after the session via email summarizing key points from the meeting for future inspiration, with optional fieldwork to make progress. 

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Soul Reiki Sessions

60-Minute Soul-Activation Reiki Session ($148) - Relax in the comfort of your own home as you enjoy a guided visualization and receive hands-free reiki energy healing from Suzanne (via phone) at each of your 7 major chakras (energy centers). This session focuses on refreshing your physical body, reactivating your connection to your higher self, and catalyzing healing from Spirit where needed. I will customize the healing to your body, based on the information I receive from your Spirit Team during the session.

90-Minute Soul-Healing Reiki Session ($188) - This longer session includes all of the above, plus verbal or visual messages from your Spirit Team that I'll share with you. This session focuses on promoting deeper soul healing from past-life or current life traumas, creating "aha" moments of insight to help you reclaim your power, and receiving messages from your higher self and Spirit Team to help you move forward.

With your permission, I will open your Akashic Records during your reiki session (either type) to provide a safe place for you to receive healing and messages and to deepen our ability to connect to your Spirit Team.

Reiki sessions are conducted over the phone. You choose a private, comfortable space in your home (etc.) where you can relax, and I conduct the session over the phone and through distance reiki. Feel free to play calming, quiet music in the background.

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Discover Divine You

Coaching & Healing Package

Meet with me every other week for 3 months to

  • reclaim your strengths and remember what you love about you
  • release unconscious blocks and heal past pain
  • reconnect with your higher self and discover your soul mission
  • design your dream vision for what you want to create next in life
  • start taking action to launch your next joyful, soul-aligned chapter

3 monthly payments of $333

Includes: six 60-minute spiritual life coaching sessions, optional fieldwork between sessions to help you meet your goals and make progress, and texting with Suzanne in between sessions to provide support and accountability

Plus these bonuses:  

  • Month 1: The Soul Mission Activation Kit ($12.22 value) to help you start discovering your life purpose using astrology
  • Month 2: The Soul Mission Planner ($64 value) to help you design your joyful next chapter of life & put it into action over the next 6 months
  • Month 3: Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age paperback book ($24.95 value) by my mentors Linda & Michael Brady to dive deeper into your soul mission, soul pattern, trickster, wounded healer, and more

If you are ready to gain deeper self-knowledge, take soul-aligned action, and move forward toward your dream life, this coaching package is right for you.

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