59. New Moon in Aquarius: Preparing for Massive Mind Expansion

In today’s podcast, we receive new information from Spirit on what the New moon in Aquarius and Pluto in Aquarius are bringing in for humanity from now until 2043, including:

  • innovations in space travel related to astral rather than physical travel
  • innovations in surgery related to energy healing rather than physical surgery
  • a greater understanding of the diversity of life in the cosmos
  • a deeper connection to our Oversoul, a collection of soul energies that are bonded in oneness on the Other Side

How to get started? Spirit says it's simple. Begin by learning how to meditate, and do so on a regular basis.

It is time to prepare your vessel. New information and expansion are coming, but you need to be centered to receive them.

Important Dates

New Moon in Aquarius will occur on:

Friday, Feb. 9 @ 2:59PM PT/5:59PM ET/22:59 GMT

Saturday, Feb. 10 @ 8:59AM AEST

New Moon Ritual

You can jump to Minute 34:02 for the channeled message from the Akashic records and our new moon ritual this month.


Episode 56: What to Watch for During Pluto in Aquarius (2024-2043)

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Excerpts from the Channelled Message

“So we are entering into a new kind of rationality: a rationality where it is absolute, it is grounded in source energy. It is rational by cosmic standards, by universal standards, by God standards, not by human standards. And it is certainly true that humans have developed a set of rules in science that is rigorous in its own way and that can serve its purpose. But we want you to understand this is just one tiny aspect of the spectrum of light.”

“And on this new moon in Aquarius, you do not need to learn at all. You need to do is prepare your vessel. We want you all to meditate more. We want you all to clear your energy field more. We want you all to fine tune so you can receive. Receive the messages we are sending. Just receive the information that is in the universe to be received.”


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