Energy Bath

(If you have any health concerns, please check with your medical doctor first to make sure this exercise is safe for you.)
  • Stand with feet about a shoulder width's apart
  • Raise arms to the sky in a V-shape slightly wider than your shoulder's width
  • Look straight ahead and close your eyes (if not already closed)
  • Begin an ongoing cycle of gentle yoga breathing (~4 seconds inhale, 5-6 seconds exhale) that you will continue throughout this practice, if comfortable
  • Imagine calling in light from God/Source/Spirit/Universe into the space between your palms/hands, that forms the shape of an oval (optional: you may gently push your hands toward each other to "feel" the energy, creating the right size ball or oval for you)
  • Take this oval ball of energy and move it down the front of your body (head to toes), bending at the waist when needed and imagining cleansing your aura/energy field all the way down and bathing your aura and body in the ball of light (your hands will be a comfortable distance from your body,  e.g, 6-12 inches)
  • When your hands reach your feet, place your finger tips or hands on the ground if you can or place them on your ankles or wherever comfortable on your legs to ground yourself
  • Imagine as you make contact that you are grounding your energy in the Earth and calling in more light, from the core of the earth/Mother Earth/the spirit of Gaia who watches over the Earth (continue yoga breathing as comfortable)
  • When you are ready, slowly stand up, bringing light from the core of the earth back up your body from toes to head, as an invisible oval ball of light, drawing it through your aura to ground you safely onto Mother Earth and activate your personal power to create the life you desire
  • Return hands to the sky in a V-shape and then bring your palms to touch in prayer to complete your front light bath
  • Repeat this exercise for the back of your body, running the light oval behind the back of your head, neck, and shoulders
  • When you get to your shoulder blades, which are hard to reach, ask your guardian angel to help you bathe this area and imagine Him/Her/Them carrying the light oval down your back until you can resume with your own hands
  • At the transition point of the shoulder blades, you will switch your hands from an upright position so they are facing down, and put them behind your back at the waist, holding the oval energy ball (receiving it back from your guardian angels)
  • Finish running the oval light down your lower back, and then bend at the waist so you can continue down the back of your legs until your hands can rest on the ground or on your heals/ankles/calves where comfortable
  • Call in more light from the core of the earth, and when you are ready, use your hands to run the energetic light oval back up the back of your body, as you stand up, with the help of your guardian angels near your shoulder blades
  • This is the transition point to switching your hands back to the upright position and running the oval along the back of your neck and head (again, 6-12 inches from your body), until they are returned to the V shape toward the sky and your back light bath is complete
  • Finish by placing your palms together in prayer and thanking God/Source/Spirit/Universe for bathing you with its light, cleansing your aura, and activating your energy to create the life you desire
  • Repeat cycle as/if desired until sufficiently cleansed, centered, and energized
  • Experiment with different colored light energy as/if inspired

Copyright Suzanne Bellavista. 2023.