Sample Planning Pages

Weekly Page Spread

Here is a sample of a completed weekly planning spread.

(Scroll down for tips.)

Weekly Planning Tips

  1. Write down your priorities for the week in the Priorities column
  2. Write in the times for moon sign changes (see orange text) + void moons (see gray text) + important astrology events*
  3. Add a grey vertical shaded line with a pencil where needed to highlight the hours that the void moon occurs (consult the Astrology Key in the Soulful Living Planner for the meaning of void moons)
  4. Write the astrological sign the moon will be in at the start of the day in Row #1 (see orange text)
  5. Write in non-negotiable to-do’s such as appointments & meetings (see pink text)
  6. Highlight any remaining chunks of available time to make them apparent  (see horizontal lines and purple time ranges)
  7. Write in tasks that support your weekly priorities, and if desired use the moon sign that day to inspire the type of task you schedule (see the Astrology Key in the Soulful Living Planner for moon-sign meanings)
  8. Add other tasks you need or want to get done this week
  9. Optional: Add healthy meals for dinner (see lighter blue text)
  10. When your schedule gets filled, write other to-do items in the bottom right corner under "For Next Week"

*You can find the dates and times for moon-sign changes, void moons, and astrology events in the Transit Tables in the Soulful Living Planner or from the free Online Astrology Calendar)