Your astrological chart is a gift from your soul.

The position of the planets in the sky at the moment you were born tells us a tremendous amount about your purpose, your path, and your personality in this lifetime.

It's time to unlock its meaning.

We are in the Aquarian Age, and it is time for us to be our own guides, rather than looking to gurus for the answers. You have the right to understand your own astrological chart, and I make it as easy and accurate as possible for you with a custom Life Purpose Report!

-Suzanne Bellavista, M.S.

Introducing the Life Purpose Astro-Report...

A beautiful, multi-page interpretation of your astrological birth chart to help you discover your life purpose and reclaim your personal power to create the life of your dreams.

Select the report type that is right for you.


Life Purpose Lite

Order this report to discover the foundation of your purpose in this lifetime: your soul mission.  You will also learn your superpowers, as revealed by your sun sign. This is the right report for you if you like to keep things simple or want to choose our most affordable option.

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Life Purpose Essentials

Order this report for a more substantive look at your astrological blueprint, with all the elements of the Life Purpose Lite report, plus more, such as your career zone, self-care style, and healing center. This report is for you if you want greater insight into activating your soul mission and fulfilling your life purpose.

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My purpose is to help you find your purpose.

After logging hundreds of hours helping my coaching clients use astrology to unlock their life purpose, I have designed a one-of-a-kind astrology report template to help you discover your soul mission, your superpowers, and all the special parts of you that will help you fulfill your purpose in this lifetime.  Getting to know yourself through the wisdom of your astrological "DNA" can be life-changing. Are you ready for a breakthrough?

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