Bonus: Deeper Dive for Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus Conjunction: Effect on the Collective & Your Rising Sign

In this bonus episode, we dive even deeper into the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus that’s occurring on April 20, 2024 at 10:27PM EDT/New York Time. Listen to:

  • learn how our world at large may be affected
  • what area of your life in particular may be affected, based on your rising sign
  • what questions to ask yourself to harness the power of this 14-year astrological event

Journal Prompts

  • Aries Rising (2nd house of personal finances, values, and self-worth) – What are your core values in life? What do you value when it comes to your personal finances? What do you value about yourself that would help you strengthen or renew your self-worth?
  • Taurus Rising (1st house of identity, your body and physical appearance) – What do you value in terms of your physical body, physical health, and personal needs? Think about your authentic identity – what makes you uniquely you – and what are you being called to value more about that identity?
  • Gemini Rising (12th house of spirituality, the unconscious, and past lives) – What do you value when it comes to your connection to Source/Universe/God? What are you unconscious values? And what hidden enemies, past-life issues, or institutions are holding you back from living your life in alignment with your values?
  • Cancer Rising (11th house of friendships, groups, and community) – What do you value when it comes to your friendships, community, group affiliations, and causes you believe in?
  • Leo Rising (10th house of career, father, and achievements) – What do you value when it comes to your achievements, career, personal legacy, or father figures in your life?
  • Virgo Rising (9th house of personal belief system, spirituality, and higher education) – What do you value when it comes to your belief systems, personal philosophies, religious/spiritual beliefs, higher education, or ability to travel to distant places?
  • Libra Rising (8th house of sexuality, shared finances, and the unseen) – What do you value when it comes to the more taboo matters in life, such as your sexuality, shared finances, taxes, the unseen world, or matters related to death; if you run a small business, what do you value there?
  • Scorpio Rising (7th house of intimate partnerships, one-on-one relationships, and marriage partner) – What do you value when it comes to intimate partnerships, such as close friends, business partners, coaches, medical doctors, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a life partner/spouse?
  • Sagittarius Rising (6th house of health, work, and life routines) – What do you value when it comes to your daily routines and habits that are there to support you in your health, at work, and in life?
  • Capricorn Rising (5th house of children, inner child, and joy) – What do you value in terms of your children, your inner child, your creative life and hobbies, and what brings you joy and pleasure?
  • Aquarius Rising (4th house of family, home, and emotional security) – What do you value in terms of your family, home life, private life, or emotional and physical security
  • Pisces Rising (3rd house of siblings, local area, and communication) – What do you value in terms of communication, siblings and cousins, or local geographic area? 

 Additional Resources

If you haven’t listened yet, check out the foundational episode on the Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus conjunction here:

69. Jupiter: Uranus Conjunction in Taurus: Shaking Things Up to Remind You What You Truly Value

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