57. February 2024 Astrology Outlook for Starseeds

In this episode, we explore the astrological energies of February 2024 that starseeds, earth angels, empaths, and creatives can harness to fulfill their life purpose, including:

  • finalizing structures and boundaries to help you achieve your goals and leave your legacy, using the waning energy of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Capricorn in the first half of the month
  • stepping into your own power to create the life you desire, using the expanding energy of Mercury, Venus, Mars, the new moon and Pluto in Aquarius throughout the month
  • deepening your connection to your emotional life, your spirituality, and your artistry and imagination when the Sun and Mercury move into Pisces toward the end of the month


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Connect with Suzanne

Capricorn Journal Prompts

  • Where are you tempted to give your power away to external authority figures? And how can you reclaim your own inner authority to create the life you desire?
  • What messages do you need to communicate and actions do you need to take to set boundaries with others and ensure you’re teaching others to keep us with respect?
  • What structures do you value that you can adopt, maintain, or renew in order to create more freedom for yourself? (daily exercise, weekly planning, hiring a coach)