50. December 2023 Astrology Outlook

Hello starseed! This week, we explore how we can make the most of December 2023's astro-energy to get ready for a beautiful, soul-aligned 2024 year ahead.

Sun and New Moon in Sagittarius call us to take time away from holiday preparation to envision what we want to create and experience in 2024. It's time to think big, imagine what's possible, and envision where you want to go in 2024!

Mercury in Capricorn and later Sun in Capricorn will help us turn our visions into reality by creating plans, structures, and routines to realize them.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and Capricorn helps us review our vision and our plans and refine them to be most aligned with what our souls truly want.

Although I don't mention it in the podcast episode, the full moon in Cancer will also be occurring.

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Important Dates

Mercury Retrograde: December 13, 2023-January 1/2, 2024

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period: November 26, 2023-December 12, 2023 + January 1, 2024-January 21, 2024

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