Spiritual Alignment Tools for Doers

Aug 25, 2021

This summer I went on a podcast binge with spiritual teachers Abraham, Esther, and Jerry Hicks, via the Abraham Hicks Daily podcast (which I highly recommend, by the way.) Maybe you've heard of them--they are the founding teachers for manifestation, The Secret, and the Law of Attraction.

On my journey to deepen my understanding of the universal law of attraction and how to manage my energy to create the life I truly desire, I was reminded of the super-importance of aligning with one's highest self in order to create one's best and highest and happiest life.

Makes sense, right? Output is affected by input. If you input joyful and high vibrations while you are intending your best life, the results will energetically match that and be high-vibe and joyful.

If you make a chocolate cake with the highest quality ingredients, your baked cake will taste high-quality and delicious! If you bake a cake while you are in a terrible mood and throw together whatever stale ingredients happen to be in your cupboard, the cake will reflect the quality of that energy and those ingredients.

It's why my Italian-American grandmother's coffee cake (and pasta and meatballs) always tasted so good--she truly made them with love.

As I listen to episode after episode of the Abraham Hicks Daily podcast, I am reminded through the wisdom of these teachers that it is not so much DOING that creates the outcomes that we wish for (even though inspired action helps down the line), as it is shifting our attitude and state of being into a joyful, trusting, expecting mode that allows us to receive the gifts we are calling in, along with the guidance to find them.

Yet a belief in the power of doing can be hard to let go of. Those of us who are natural doers may struggle to sit still for what Abraham Hicks describes as the most important part of our day--15 minutes of morning meditation to align our personality with our highest vibration.

That got me wondering...what are some simple spiritual alignment practices for those of us who are doers--who have trouble sitting still and naturally prefer to be engaged or on the go? Here are a handful for your consideration. Email me if you have other ideas to add to the list!

  1. Get Acupuncture - Schedule an appointment with a licensed acupuncturist who will be able to detect energy drains and blockages in your physiology and repair and rejuvenate you by placing small needles in strategic points along your body's energy grid.
  2. Do Yoga - Attend a yoga class where you can move your body, stretch your limbs, breathe deeply, clear your mind, and realign with your highest self by taking a break from the worries of the day.
  3. Listen to Podcasts - Listen to a soulful podcast that you feel refreshed and energized by when you are done
  4. Watch good TV - Get cozy on your couch and watch a funny movie or a happy TV show--no negativity allowed! If you feel refreshed or lighthearted after watching, you are on track.
  5. Walk and listen - Go for a walk while listening to high-vibe music that puts a spring in your step or a smile on your face. Moving + time outside + music is a winning combination for calibrating to your highest self.
  6. Read a book - Choose your style--nonfiction or fiction--and read for 20 minutes. If you feel happy, inspired, or refreshed when you are done, this can be a spiritual alignment tool to add to your tool kit.
  7. Exercise vigorously - Vigorous exercise, whether hiking, running, weightlifting, playing a team sport, swimming, or something else, is a great way to move stagnant energy in your body and reconnect you to source energy.
  8. Take photos or create art - God is the ultimate creator and we are all part of God-energy. What do you love to create? Whether it's taking photos, painting a picture, baking a souffle, sewing a quilt, or knitting a scarf, the creative process can be meditative, renewing, and divine.

As a doer myself, I sometimes find it hard to get myself to sit still each morning for meditation. I keep trying and arrive with varying degrees of success depending on the day and time of the year. Meditation has wonderful benefits and I love them! Yet, meditation is not the only means of spiritual alignment.

What works best for you?

To create a joyful life, we need to be connected to our joyful highest self as we move through each day. Why? Our highest self is the God-part of us that inherently knows how to create. Align with this divine essence of you and you can create the happy and high-quality outcomes you seek!


Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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