Solar Eclipse in Taurus: It's Time to Co-Create Your Dream Life

soulful living Apr 29, 2022
What is "co-creating" anyway? It's a spiritual buzzword we hear often these days without any pause to define what this term really means.

"I co-created that."

"It's all about co-creation."

"Are you ready to co-create your dream life?"


Okay, I will admit, as an astrology nerd and spirituality lover, I may be hearing this term more than the average Joe or Jane in the circles I frequent, but my sense is that this term is entering the mainstream lexicon, and it's time to unpack what this powerful, if little explored, concept really means.

The Spirit Team for the Soulful Living Project agrees, and has sent us a marvelous explanation of what this term means in today's podcast (and channeled message) on the solar eclipse in Taurus that will be occurring tomorrow, Saturday April 30 at 4:41PM EDT/1:41PM PDT.

In short: co-creation involves

  • you taking responsibility for your agency, setting intentions, and taking action to create the life you want to have (you have the power to create your life!)
  • you trusting, allowing, and honoring that Universe has a role in helping you bring about your joyful life as well (you don't have to do it all alone!)

There are two aspects to co-creation--your input and the divine's input. In fact, all creation is co-creation. We do not do anything alone here on Earth. Now is the time to become conscious of this.

However you want to envision this is fine. Some are comfortable envisioning God's support; other's feel comfortable envisioning the support of their highest self--the divine spark within you. I love to call in and feel the presence of the archangels who have different specialties and roles in helping us. Any which way, we are not alone!


Twice a month, I will be recording a podcast to honor our new and full moons. Since new and full moons occur during solar and lunar eclipses (respectively), that means we will also have some juicy podcast episodes to listen to regarding the eclipses!

Eclipses typically occur two times a year in sets of two. They are wonderful times to experience awakenings, new learnings, and opportunities for release that set you free to embody the next desired phase of your life.

Since my mission is to help you use astrology to consciously design your life, I am here to invite you to break out your journal, set some time aside this weekend, listen to this podcast, and reflect on where you are being called to go and grow at this time.


Today's podcast episode is entitled "Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Consciously Co-Creating Your Dream Life." Check it out!

The Soulful Living Project podcast is now live and can be found on most major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, as well as iHeart Radio, Amazon, Stitcher, and Podchaser. Look her up!

Otherwise, you can listen through my website here, to today's episode on tomorrow's solar eclipse. And if you listen to podcasts elsewhere, let me know and I will look into setting up distribution there as well.

The power of the eclipse lasts for more than a lingers for at least two weeks until we have the closing lunar eclipse on May 15/16, and many astrologers would say it lasts for the full 4 week moon cycle, if not more. So listen to this podcast episode when you have time.

Here are some journal questions for you to contemplate to help you harness the power of tomorrow's solar eclipse in your life.

  • What are the people, places, and things I need or want to surround myself with to help me elevate, and live from the energy of my highest self?

  • What does co-creation look like to me? How do I want to use my own agency to create the life I desire? What prayers or intentions do I want to share with the Universe so she can do her part to support me?

  • If my life were a garden, what kind of garden do I want to grow? What fruits of my labor do I want to enjoy in 6, 12, and 24 months? Who do I want to enjoy the harvest with? And how can I design my life so I have time to savor every step of the growth process, from seeds, to shoots, to sprouts?

What came through yesterday as I channeled today's podcast episode was joy and growth. In spite of the challenges in the world around us right now, the Spirit Team of the Soulful Living Project wants us to know that it is a time of personal rebirth, which we can ultimately harness to make our world a better place. As such, it is a time of hope.

The question is--what are the seeds you want to plant at this time, to allow you to unfold in your fullest glory, living a life of joy, meaning and purpose because you are honoring your gifts and turning your face toward the sun?


Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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