New Moon in Aquarius During Mercury Retrograde Confusion

aquarius Feb 10, 2021

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

It's that time of the month when we get to set new intentions for something we care about that relates to the energy of the month.


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That being said, this new moon feels a little fuzzier than most since we are smack dab in the middle of a Mercury retrograde, which can cause confusion and uncertainty. So, I'm not setting huge goals this time around.

Instead, I plan to draft a short list of Aquarian goals, for the universe's consideration, with flexibility in mind. Next month, at the new moon in Pisces, I'll firm up those goals.

Here are some starter questions if you'd like to draft your own list of new intentions to match the energy of the Aquarius new moon. (Print them out and journal this evening if you have time--or schedule a time on your calendar in the next few days).

New Moon in Aquarius Questions

  • How can I begin to accept and love myself exactly as I am, instead of trying to be what I think I "should" be?
  • How can I do a better job of tending to ALL of me--body, mind, and spirit?
  • What aspect of astrology interests me and how can I start to learn more? (e.g., soul mission, soul pattern, sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, planets, houses, past lives, soulmates, soul contracts, something else?)
  • How do I want to use technology to better my life or enhance my career?

Aquarius rules astrology, holism, technology, eccentricity, rationality, and diversity.

It encourages us to find a balance between individualism and collectivism.

How do you want to become your best self so you can give back to the world or a community or cause you believe in?

If you have the energy to harness this new moon, start by answering one or more of these questions, and then pinning the answer somewhere you can see it for the next 30 days to invite you toward that intention.

If you are too tired and laid low by this Mercury retrograde in Aquarius to set a new intention, consider saying a simple prayer to your higher self, letting her know you are open to where she wants to gently guide you.

The wonderful news in this life that can be challenging and fatiguing sometimes is that we truly do not need to do everything ourselves. We have our souls--an energetic piece of ourselves that transcends our physical bodies and is plugged into the divine electricity of the universe that knows what's best for us.

If in doubt, ask your soul for help or let her know you are open and listening to her guidance!


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Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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