Mercury Rx Tomorrow: Slowing Down to Find Your Power

aquarius Jan 29, 2021

Saturday begins our first Mercury retrograde of 2021. It will last from January 30 to February 20. Instead of dreading the slow-down and possible tech mishaps, let's embrace it together for what it offers us!

As you may recall, retrogrades are times to review, revise, and resolve, as karmic astrologer and Discovering Your Soul Mission book co-author Linda Brady expresses it so aptly.

So, I invite you to mark your calendar and become aware. It's time to tune into where you are being called to slow down, reflect, and tinker in your life.

Do you have an idea yet where you are being called to re-vision and revise?


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If you have access to your astrological chart, you can quickly zone in on what part of your life the universe is inviting you to revise, update, or rejigger--self and identity, finances and personal values, communication and siblings, home and family, hobbies and children, work and health, relationships and partnerships, sex life and shared resources, worldview, career, friendship and community, or your unconscious world.

And I'm here if you seek an astrologer's support to do that. 

If not, no worries. I am a firm believer that your higher self is leading you to right where you need to go at this time. All is unfolding perfectly (like it or not!) so simply take some time to watch and listen.

It may be as easy as telling yourself to start paying attention to where the universal breadcrumbs are leading you, or you may want to carve out some quiet time for yourself this weekend to notice what in your life wants you to examine, nurture, and adjust it.

This Mercury retrograde is happening in the sign of Aquarius so it's a great time to focus on where you may want to make some changes in your life--small, medium, or large--to increase your self-empowerment.

Where are you ready to take back ownership for your life?

(If you are in a hurry, scroll to the bottom for some helpful questions.)


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Aquarius energy reminds us that we are divine and we have the ability to create the life we want. In fact, we are creating our lives each and every moment we breathe--the question is, are you doing so consciously and intentionally?

The Aquarian Age, according to Linda Brady, is about developing a relationship with your soul--what I would call your energetic higher consciousness that stays with you before and after you die.

In her book Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age, Brady invites you to learn how to align your personality (the earthly, physical you with characteristics and propensities) with your soul (your wise, all-knowing energetic consciousness that is eternal and transcendent) so you can fulfill your life's purpose--your soul mission. Yes, you most certainly have one!

If you'd like to know what your soul mission is, get a free copy of the Soul Mission Starter Kit Or keep reading for some empowering and aligning questions!

When you discover and trust your inner voice and your inner calling, you can connect to the deep source of power within you. That is both exciting and energizing.

Are you ready to be all that you came here to be???

While life throws us obstacles, our greatest obstacle is often ourselves.

This winter's Mercury retrograde in Aquarius invites you to slow down and listen to the heartbeat of your soul. The result? You can start to live your life in rhythm with it, rather than in opposition to it.

You can stop listening to all the rules of society and the "should's" of your inner critic and, instead, embrace your divine wisdom and start following YOUR unique operating instructions.

That brings health! That brings wellness! That brings joy! That brings freedom!

In the next three weeks, answer one or more of these questions to support yourself on your Mercury retrograde in Aquarius journey to plug into your divine power source--your soul.

  • What do I truly love to do--and how can I do more of it?


  • What are my unique gifts that the world needs right now?


  • If I could create the life of my dreams and have the courage to pursue it, what would it look like?


  • How do I stand in my own way?


  • Where am I willing to make a change now so I can be my best ally, not my worst enemy?


Welcome back to you! I invite you to harness the energy of this Mercury retrograde season to take back and own your amazing power.

You know deep inside you what you really want to do. This wisdom encapsulates your operating instructions! This is your personal truth that only you can know. How to access it?

  • Make some time to listen to you.


  • Daydream and contemplate.


  • Then make a plan that you can finalize and launch after the retrograde has ended on February 21 when it's safe to once again make big decisions.

You and your higher self have got this. I know you do.

And...the universe and I both have your back. Cheering you on every step of the way.



Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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