Harnessing the Power of Venus in Scorpio Sept. 10-Oct. 7

astrology scorpio venus Sep 10, 2021

Venus--the planet of love, art, beauty, money, and values--moves from Libra into Scorpio today. It will remain there until October 7, giving you some time to enjoy and leverage her passion and intensity.

Venus guides what we feel attracted to, so this month, you may find yourself drawn toward things of a Scorpion nature. You may also attract others to you when you harness the power of Scorpio.


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Scorpio, like all astrological signs, has many facets to it, so how it will show up in each of our lives will vary, especially as it interacts with our different birth charts. In addition, we have free will so we get to choose how we want to harness its energy. Here are some possibilities!

To harness Venus in Scorpio in love and romantic relationships, you may choose to

  • engage in intense conversations with your partner that explore the depth of your emotions and passions for life and each other
  • enjoy passionate sex and love-making with the lights turned off and the candles aglow
  • end a relationship that no longer serves you so you can open yourself up for a new one that is more satisfying


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To harness Venus in Scorpio when it comes to finances, you may feel called to

  • invest your time and money in experiences that deepen your understanding about the mysteries of life, magic, and the occult
  • audit or organize your shared finances with a life or business partner to see what you collectively possess and how you can grow your joint wealth for the future
  • create or update your last will and testament to ensure that when you pass, your money and valuables will go to those you love

Scorpio looks calm on the surface, but runs deep and emotional underneath. She is passionate and intuitive, mysterious and transforming.

When Scorpio energy comes from a low-vibe place, this can lead to jealousy, paranoia, and all-or-nothing thinking that may create unnecessary drama and chaos.

When Scorpio energy comes from a high-vibe place, she knows how to generate profound change, tap into the power of the unseen world, and discuss topics that are traditionally seen as dark or painful such as taxes, surgery, death, and dying.

How do you want to harness Scorpio energy this month? Here's to embodying the best of this passionate and transforming zodiac sign.

If you'd like a tool to help you get the most out of Venus in Scorpio--as well as all the zodiac signs that Venus will be traveling through in the next 12 months, check out the Soulful Living Planner, my astrology-based weekly, monthly, and quarterly planner that is there to help you connect to your spirit and consciously design your soul-aligned life.


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I am wishing you the very best of Venus in Scorpio season. What aspect of love, money, beauty, or the things you value do you want to transform this month?


Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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