Grounding Practices for This Week's Big Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction

astrology Apr 11, 2022
Bath tub filled with water, decorated with grapefruit, wine, & a book

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12 at 10:42AM EDT (14:42 GMT/April 13, 12:42AM AEST), Jupiter (the planet of expansion and our spiritual teacher) will meet up with Neptune (the planet of illusion) in the part of the sky ruled by Pisces, and I am feeling called to send you some grounding practices to help you move through this experience with the greatest amount of ease.

Two astrologers I respect, Eugenia Krok and Anne Ortelee, have referred to this meet-up (or conjunction) as a wave, and I can see why. In Roman myth, Neptune was God of the Sea. Pisces rules water. Jupiter makes everything it touches bigger. So it's no surprise that I've also heard this astrological event described as a tsunami--water energy to the 4th degree!

In a time of so much water (metaphorically, think of a heavy rain that can lead to a mudslide that can more than sweep you off your feet), it will be valuable to have practices in place to help you get the best of the experience and stay as centered as you can through it.



On that note, here are my recommendations for your consideration.


1: Be Mindful

Knowledge is power! Be aware that this coming week may feel a bit foggy, confusing, or ungrounding in some way. You may experience or witness shifts that make it hard for you to know whether "up" is really "up" and "down" is really "down." If this occurs, plan to keep your "low-beam" lights on as you drive through the fog slowly, with caution and faith. If needed, you can call on your Spirit team, guardian angels or God to provide you the wisdom you need to drive in the right direction until you can dispel illusion from truth and arrive at your destination.


2: Embrace the Best of the Water Energy

Energetically, there will be a lot of "water" in the sky, and "as above, so below," so you may feel it. While low-vibe water (Pisces) energy can be confusing and ungrounding, high-vibe water energy can be used to wash away pain, elevate one's spirituality, and connect to the creative force of life. Some ways to utilize the best of water energy is to go swimming, take showers or baths, listen to the sound of rain (outside or on your playlist), listen to or make music that soothes your soul, watch a favorite sad movie that moves you to cleansing tears, connect to Spirit through prayer or meditation, or make art from a place of flowing creativity and inspired connection. Pisces rules your feet, so it can also be a good time to get a foot massage, soak your feet in warm water, receive a pedicure, or buy new shoes!



3: Ground Yourself When Needed

If you find yourself feeling spacey, confused, betrayed, overly sad, or like you might get lost or float away, find a grounding practice or two that can tether you to reality and the supportive energy of the earth. There are many ways to ground...and you know what "brings you back to earth" best, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  • make a healthy or flavorful meal or snack and sit and eat it with no distractions, tuning into the sensory act of eating--smelling, tasting, chewing, swallowing, and feeling the food move into your stomach; pay attention to your surroundings (table, floor, walls, windows) as you eat as well to ground you in reality and appreciate any beauty you see.


  • roll out your yoga mat, set a gentle phone timer for a set period of time (5, 10, or 15 mintes) and lay on the floor with your eyes closed, back touching the floor (shavasana pose in yoga). Imagine surrounding yourself with a bubble of golden light for protection, and if you desire, ask your soul to send you grounding light and love. Enjoy the feeling of the hard floor beneath your back and thank Mother Earth for her grounding presence and availability to you.


  • watch a positive television show or movie that will disengage you from any low-vibe water energy and ground you in the stuff of every day life; choose your show intentionally to ground you and elevate your mood (e.g., a romantic comedy that occurs in New York City rather than a science fiction adventure to outer space or a home and garden show rather than a documentary on the extinction of animal species!)




As you roll into this week, set an intention to notice how you are feeling and to consciously give yourself the support you need. Feel free to ask your Spirit Team (guides, angels, ancestors, God) to also guide and support you. While they are always flowing ideas and inspiration to you, making this intentional request turns up the volume on their ability to connect with you.

I trust, as with all energetic cycles, they are occurring as opportunities for our highest good. I hope you find the tools I've offered in this blog post supportive in that journey.


Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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