5 Steps to Receiving Messages from Loved Ones on the Other Side

Nov 17, 2023

Before I studied astrology, the Akashic Records, and Angel Reiki, I was intrigued by the idea of receiving messages from the Other Side, but I didn't ever expect I'd be able to do so myself. Now I know that it is much easier than most of us realize!

You don't have to study for years or even take a course to receive messages from the Other Side. It is your birthright to receive messages, whether from your Soul, the angels, or a loved one who has passed. Are you interested in learning the basics of receiving messages from the Other Side? This isn't spooky or crazy-difficult. It's fun and joyful!

Common Signs and Symbols from Loved Ones on the Other Side

Our deceased loved ones typically have to use the materials of the world in which we live in order to send us signs and symbols. Here are some of the common items they use to let us know they are speaking to us.

  • Butterflies / birds / animals
  • Thoughts and feelings
  • Money
  • Gifts
  • Mediums
  • Songs
  • People
  • Other: rainbows, license plates, feathers, flowers, angel numbers, images, and...more (the sky's the limit)

Anything can be a sign and symbol from your loved one. What helps you know it is from them is the sense of "aha" or knowing you feel when the symbol crosses your path. Once you know to be on the lookout, you may be surprised at how often your loved one is actually communicating with you!

5 Steps to Receiving Messages

Here are five steps for receiving messages from your deceased loved ones on the Other Side.

  1. Ask for a sign/symbol/message
  2. Be open and have faith
  3. Notice and recognize the sign or symbol (i.e., feeling/"zing"/knowing)
  4. Bonus: Decipher the meaning
  5. Bonus Write it down so you can remember it in the future

In sum, our loved ones who have passed still spend time with us in spirit form, and one of the ways they try to let us know they are still with us is by sending us signs and symbols to connect with us or "wake" us up. Sometimes, our grief can make it hard to receive them; but when the time is right in our healing process, the signs from our loved ones will still be flowing to us.

Want to learn more? Listen to podcast episode #49: Receiving Messages from Loved Ones on the Other Side, where I share many of the messages my grandparents have sent me since their passing in 2004 and 2017. I also go more in depth on how to receive signs and symbols from your loved ones who have passed.


Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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