Harnessing Mars in Libra Energy to Heal Yourself and Love Others Too

astrology libra mars Sep 14, 2021

Mars--the planet of motivation and action--moves into Libra today and will remain there until October 30.

As Mars moves through the sign of Libra, it will be opposing Chiron (the wounded healer asteroid) in Aries. So I expect we may be feeling a tug of war at times between our desire to take care of our own needs on our own personal journey of healing and the call we may feel to consider or react to others' needs as well.

Here are some reflection questions to help you get the most out of the energy of Mars in Libra over the next several weeks:

  • What can I do to de-stress when my personal needs clash with the needs of those I'm in relationship with?
  • How can I honor my own needs without lashing out in anger at others I care about?
  • How will it benefit the team--and my own healing process--to slow down and consider everyone's perspective?
  • What actions would I like to take to surround myself with more art and/or beauty and how can this help to heal my own hurts?

I invite you to print this article out and schedule some self-reflection time now on your calendar for October 1 when Mars in Libra is directly opposing Chiron in Aries and this tension may be greatest. That would be a great day to answer one of these journal prompts.

If you'd like some dedicated journal pages where you can reflect on the personal meaning of this and other astrological cycles, check out the Soulful Living Planner, my astrology-based weekly, monthly, and quarterly planner that is there to help you connect to your spirit and consciously design your soul-aligned life.

I am wishing you time and space this Mars in Libra season to notice how you can love yourself better so you can heal old wounds and free yourself up to be in magnificent relationships with those you truly care about.

Suzanne Bellavista, MS, works with passionate and sometimes perfectionistic women in transition to help them slow down and reconnect to their inner voice of wisdom and the divine wisdom of the natural world around them. The result? You will walk away with more confidence, greater self-understanding, and a clear plan for launching your next joyful chapter of life, with some self-love and fun sprinkled on top. What’s next for you?

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