12 Ways to Promote Peace According to Your Zodiac Sign

astrology Feb 25, 2022

What can we do--as single citizens--to promote peace, rather than war? If you are seeking answers, astrology can offer a possible guide.

Do Your Own Work First

I'm sure you've heard people say that when we do our own inner work, we positively affect the world around us. In disturbing times like these, when war is being waged and we feel angry, scared, or helpless, the unique North Node (or soul mission) in each of our birth charts can guide us to that inner work.

Your North Node or soul mission represents an energy you have been called to learn, embrace and embody in this lifetime. Depending on where you are on your journey it may not feel comfortable, but by leaning into this energy, you are deepening your own spiritual growth, doing your inner work, becoming more whole, and thus helping the collective to become more whole and healthy.

Turning to Your Soul Mission for Inspiration

Your way of promoting peace will be different than my way of promoting peace, but it's nice to know we can look to our astrological charts for a reminder of how we can do our part.

Take a look at the tables below to find your North Node (which is based on your birth date and year). Once you have identified your North Node, find it on the list below and read on for ideas on how you can use your calling in this life to promote peace. Do you have children, friends, or life partners who are interested in promoting peace? You can check out there North Node as well.

North Node in...


You are called in this lifetime to begin new endeavors, take action, show courage,  engage in physical activity, and speak your mind without worrying about what others will think. You can promote peace by entering an athletic event that raises money for a good cause, speaking your mind about the wrongs in the world and calling people out on their BS, or write a letter to your legislators to hold them accountable. Be willing to take risks, take action, and assert yourself to give peace a chance.


You are called in this lifetime to do your part in the process--step by step--and then to "let go and let God." To promote peace, ask yourself what are one or two or three things you'd like to do to make the situation better--and then surrender to the Universe and expect her to do her part. Taurus is good at being creative in practical ways so you might volunteer for a nonprofit that promotes peace and offer your practical or creative skills (graphic design, sewing, building, or cooking) or start a community peace garden (Taurus has a green thumb) that inspires and encourages participation from others.


You are called in this lifetime to become a master researcher, information gatherer, writer, social networker, or communicator. You can promote peace by writing an article, posting well-researched content on social media, or getting curious and engaging in dialogue with people who have the power to make impact. Gemini's enjoy multi-tasking and can be "busy bee's" so another option would be to volunteer for a role in a peace-oriented nonprofit that entails communication, networking, or administration. Writing your local legislator to call for action would be another option as you have a gift with words.


You are invited in this life to connect with the emotional side of life and to value the meaning of home, hearth, and family. You can promote peace by role modeling for others what it means to honor your own emotions and process them in a healthy way. Other ways to promote peace include turning on your compassion and listening skills to those who are affected by the conflict, and hosting dinners and small gatherings where safe conversation can take place alongside moments to feel nourished and refreshed.


In this lifetime, you are called to step onto center stage and use your charm, charisma, passion, and generosity to influence others. As such, you can become a commentator, leader, or speaker who promotes peace; host fundraising galas to help those affected by war; or give generously to causes you believe in. Be willing to step into the limelight and share your strengths and talents to promote peace.


In this lifetime, you are called to be of service in earthly, day-to-day matters as well as to role model excellence, health, and well-being for yourself and others. To promote peace, you may offer your organizational skills to a non-profit, organize a letter-writing campaign in your neighborhood to your local legislators, plan a fundraiser, or simply help another in need. You can also invest in your own health and well-being, to raise your own vibration and then role model for others what it means to live healthy and well.


You are invited in this lifetime to develop meaningful relationships and partnerships, and to create and/or appreciate art and culture. You may promote peace by calling attention to the art and culture of a country that is being harmed by war or simply by appreciating the art and culture that you have access to in your home country. Librans are wonderful diplomats and facilitators so you may find yourself moderating difficult conversations between disagreeing parties to help give peace a chance.


In this life you are called to get comfortable looking at the darker side of life--secrets, surgery, death, taxes, and the occult. To promote peace, Scorpio  might do investigative reporting to bring secrets to public light, minister to the injured, or work with those who have lost loved ones in a conflict. Scorpio is also excellent at managing shared resources, so you might find yourself fundraising for a community in need or getting involved in connecting war refugees with food, clothes, and shelter.


In this life you are called to develop a personal philosophy or worldview that helps you understand the meaning of life, with some world-travel or higher learning sprinkled in to add to your knowledge base. To promote peace, you might travel to a part of the world that could use your assistance, teach a class that you feel makes the world a better place, or give a talk that promotes peace as you understand it. You might take a class that expands your understanding of the world, so you are better educated and more able to be a respectful global citizen. For Sagittarians, less is more--when you speak fewer words, you allow those you do speak to have greater impact.


In this life, you are called to be a reserved and wise leader who knows how to execute, delegate, persist, and get things done. To promote peace, you might step into a leadership role at a nonprofit organization or found your own, or you may choose to share your wisdom with your existing community in a way that inspires them to persevere through challenging times. Capricorn has a vision and then works toward it steadfastly, in spite of obstacles. To promote peace, shine as a beacon of industriousness and patience for others.


In this life, you are called to advance the collective by expressing your own uniqueness and promoting respect for diversity. To promote peace, you may join an organization that honors diversity or supports an under-served community. You may be willing to step out of the closet as unique you, role modeling for others that it's okay to be different. Aquarians have great minds and are also wonderful innovators. What can you invent or what new perspective can you offer to help make our world a more peaceful and loving place?


In this life, you are invited to trade productivity and utility for artistry and imagination. To promote peace, you might write a song, story, or screenplay that inspires people to get along, or you may learn to connect to Spirit through meditation or prayer. As you raise your own vibration through spiritual and artistic means, you will be raising the vibration of the collective unconscious. Pisces also has a great heart for compassion; you may promote peace by listening to those in pain and offering your empathy.

Promoting Peace in Your Own Way

Some of us will be more interested in actively working to promote peace than others. Trust your own instincts and calling. Whether you get directly involved in promoting peace and helping those affected by war, or you more quietly invest in activities that bring you personal peace, calm, health, and well-being, you are doing your part. As each of us does our own work and fulfills our purpose on this planet, we help the collective energy of human kind to evolve.


Suzanne Bellavista, M.S., is a life purpose astrologer and inner peace meditation teacher who offers do-it-yourself tools to help you discover your life purpose using astrology and enjoy more inner peace using meditation.

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