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Are you ready to fulfill your purpose and connect to the community you’re here to serve with some help from the cosmos? 

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Welcome to the Astrology for Starseeds Membership

Your Backstage Pass to Sacred Astrological Wisdom, Direct From the Cosmos, to Help You Connect to Your Highest Path

Hi, I'm Suzanne,

the host of the "Astrology for Starseeds" podcast and an intuitive channel of astrological wisdom, direct from the planetary frequencies in the cosmos.

I designed the Astrology for Starseeds membership for listeners of my podcast & members of my community who are ready to play a bigger game, in alignment with their Higher Selves.

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With your membership, get access to...

Starseed Activation Sheets, channeled transmissions from the planets, area of your life affected by astrology event, community forum, & surprise bonuses
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Join the club and look forward to feeling more ...

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clear on where to invest time & energy, aware of obstacles to success, supported in your growth, optimistic about your purpose, & connected to Higher Self & nature
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Here are the details...

Astrology for Starseeds Membership - $16/month - cancel anytime

Cost: US$ 16/month 

Commitment: You can cancel anytime, and your subscription will not renew at the end of the current billing period.

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This membership is for you if...

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  • you feel you are on Earth for a purpose & you’d like support from the cosmos in fulfilling it
  • you love listening to the "Astrology for Starseeds" podcast and you’d like backstage access to all the goods OR
  • you don’t listen to the podcast but you’d love to gain access to audio master classes on how to harness the power of current astrological events direct from your computer or phone 
  •  you can find 20 or 30 minutes each week to complete the Starseed Activation Sheet and are okay skipping a week when you’re busy
  • you are ready to play a bigger game and would love weekly access to Intuitive Astrology toolkits to help you level up
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This membership is not for you if...

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  • you’ll never actually take the time to log in on your computer or phone to check out the weekly goodies, even if you get an email reminder
  • you like the "Astrology for Starseeds" podcast but have no interest in going deeper to receive more benefits
  • you don’t like listening to podcasts and/or you have no interest in listening to audio masterclasses on your computer or phone
  • $16/month feels like too much for a membership or your budget and you’re going to feel resentful paying it (keep enjoying the free podcast!)

Not sure whether to purchase? Try it out for a month and remember that you can cancel anytime!

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Have you been wanting to play a bigger game?

Join us now to get

  • a weekly Intuitive Astrology toolkit to help you grow and fulfill your purpose
  • access to the wisdom of the cosmos through channeled messages directly from the moon, sun, planets, and stars
  • community support from other starseeds and Life Purpose Astrologer Suzanne Bellavista, M.S.
  •  special bonuses, like extra episodes, astrology timelines, and group challenges!
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