You'll Be Loved Wherever You Go

You've heard me speak about signs and symbols they are all around us, speaking to us from the universe with messages designed just for us.

  • Have you caught on to this idea since I mentioned it some months ago?

  • Did you already get this reality from the start?

  • Are you still searching for your personal signs and symbols delivered to your psyche, your heart, and your soul, direct from the universe?

Regardless of which camp you are in, I've got an inspiring story for you on the gift of signs and symbols.

A few years back, I decided that I wanted to change my last name from "Murray" to "Bellavista" given my pending (and now completed) divorce.

I created this last name by integrating the place I was born (Bellevue, Washington) with my Italian heritage.

I explained to my children that we have the right to choose our own name and to fill our lives with people who love us.

Last week, the universe sent me a message that it agrees.

As I was driving down a road I've been down several times in a neighboring town, a house jumped out at me that had my new last name hanging on a wood placard over the door.

I was so surprised that I had to drive back to this house and check it out again for myself and grab a picture (see below).

Did you notice that the sign does not read "Bella Vista" which would have been the Italian phrase for "nice view"?

It reads "Bellavista"--all one word, just like my new last name.

Maybe the owners have the same last name as me.

Maybe they just decided they liked this phrase as one word. Maybe the missing space was due to a typo.

Who knows? What I know for sure is that in this moment, this sign was MY symbol, my message from the universe, just for me.

As I drove by my new name, a song on the radio by Noah and the Whale sang, "And you'll be loved, loved, loved, wherever you go!"

Soon after I drove by a house with hearts in the front yard.

And I knew the universe was telling me how loved I truly am and that life will always turn out okay.

Even among pain and loss, like a broken marriage and family, their is love and hope.

There are new beginnings.

As I pulled up to a traffic light, the song on the radio stopped and wouldn't continue on so I looked at it and saw that the name of the song on the display read "In Five Years' Time."

I did the math and laughed when I realized that it had been exactly five years since I had first realized I needed to get a divorce in July of 2015!

It had taken me five years to get here, but I was safe now, happy and loved, not only supported by my fiance Jonathan and many wonderful friends, but also by choirs of angels, light beings, and my brave soul surrounding me. I could feel them.

I could hear them.

"We bless your new name, we bless your new life, and you will always be loved, Ms. Suzanne Bellavista, then, now, and in the future."

And you, my dears, will always be loved wherever you are as well.

Do you know that?

It is so very true.

I invite you to take some time in the weeks to come to open your heart to the signs and symbols that the universe is giving you that you are loved, that you are supported, and that you are not alone.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer ends on Sunday, July 12, and as it goes direct, you will have a continued opportunity to experience love and nurturing, which is a hallmark of Cancer energy.

The Sun remains in Cancer for a couple more weeks too, moving into Leo on July 23.

Drop me a line and tell me what you discover as you open your heart and mind to signs and symbols! I'd love to hear and hold your story for you!

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