Who Says You Have to Be the Fastest?

Is it just me, or does our culture put a premium on being a winner? On getting the job done? On hitting goals, and checking items off of our to-do lists? On getting to the finish line fast?

I know I like to hit my milestones, but I have to slow myself down sometimes and just enjoy...the process. I was reminded of this when I went swimming the other day on a Saturday morning and NO ONE ELSE WAS IN THE POOL.

Normally, I swim on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with a swim team. There are seven lanes of swimmers faster than me, and I have to work my (mermaid's) tail off to keep up with the swimmers in my own lane.

But I do it. It's part of why I like swim team. It gets me to swim faster and harder than I normally would on my own. But...

Oh, there is beauty in taking things slowly.

With no one in the pool on that particular Saturday--and no coach watching over me to offer helpful tips to tweak my stroke--I allowed myself to go RIDICULOUSLY SLOWLY.

To the lifeguard walking laps around the pool deck to stay alert and ensure my safety, I may have looked like a person who was a pretty weak swimmer. I did not care!

The feeling of slowly moving my body through the thick water was magical.

I glided; I whirred.

I could hear the rhythm of my breath in my head.

I floated on top of a kick board in the middle of the pool and forgot my body as I became weightless.

And I reminded myself that life isn't always about being the fastest. Maybe it never is about that at all.

What are you missing by going too fast?

Where do you need to give yourself permission to take it slow?

With Uranus in Taurus for the next several years, we will be able to maximize our life awakenings by taking things one step at a time. Maybe there is no rush after all.

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