Where Is Your Inner Child in All of This?

The other day, I got a pretty bad psychological bruising from someone from my past. When this person is angry or doesn't get his way, he can be very mean with his words.

I stood my ground, defended myself just enough, drew boundaries, and then moved on. I talked to my fiance to vent and to move through the feelings. I slept on it. I went swimming the next morning to release the toxicity. And yet, I still felt pretty darn crappy.

I want to be a super woman when it comes to moving through life's emotional and personal challenges. (Do you?) So it gets me frustrated when 24 hours after a toxic or grueling experience, I still haven't moved all the way through it.

When I came home from swimming on this particular day and still felt grumpy and beaten down as I prepared to make my breakfast, a little voice in my head said, "How's your inner child doing?"

Um, duh! I hadn't checked in with my sweet Suzy at all!

This called for a check-in. And some overdue TLC to my inner girl.

Because my giant stuffed lion, Caramel (yes, I have one of those) was in my other home in Philly, I grabbed a pumpkin-decor seasonal pillow from the living room in my Massachusetts home, hugged it to my chest, and sunk into the couch with a cozy blanket around me.

(I got Caramel a few years ago when I was learning how to be a good mother to my inner child.)

I asked Suzy how she was doing.

She answered with tears, not words. I held that pillow to my chest and let the waters of my sadness swell in my eyes.

I told my girl that I would protect her, that I would always advocate for her, that no matter how poorly anyone tried to treat us, I would take care of it.

I let her know that none of this was her problem; none of this was her fault.

My fiance walked in the room next and gave me a hug. He goofed around with our dog, Murphy, which made me giggle.

Suzy felt a bit better. All of my problems weren't solved, but I felt lighter, the way I did after my mom gave me a hug after I skinned my knee when I was a girl.

I know I'm not the only one who has had someone treat them poorly, who has had a bad day, or who has gotten some upsetting news.

Next time something like that happens to you, my question to you is, "Where is your inner child in all of this?"

When things get hard, don't forget to check in with the little one inside of you. Whether you realize it or not, she or he is there.

Having relationship problems? Check in to make sure you inner child isn't running the show.

Fears about money stopping you from taking a healthy risk to create the next happy chapter of your life? Check in to see if money issues from your childhood have your inner kid throwing up roadblocks.

We don't want your inner child driving the car on your road of life. She should be safely buckled into the back seat with her sippy cup, a bowl full of Cheerios, and her Elmo book, or whatever it is that she needs to be happy. :-)

My mentor, Linda Brady, and author of Discovering Your Soul Mission, takes her inner child on play dates to Disney World!

My inner child is in Leo, so she loves hugging my stuffed lion. What does your inner child need?

Everyone's inner child is different so take some time to investigate and reflect.

Did you know we can find your unique inner child in your astrological chart? It is your moon sign. Cool, right?

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