When You’re Wondering “What Next?” Astrology May Be Your New BFF

Updated: Mar 13

Ever had a moment in your life when you asked yourself, "What now? What next?"

Ever wished the answer would simply drop into your lap from the heavens or from Universe so you could stop stressing, worrying, and wondering?

I know I have.

When my happy marriage of 18 years took a sharp turn for the worse and I was in excruciating emotional pain, wondering why and what to do next, I needed answers NOW.

Astrology saved me from the confusion, guilt, fear, and overwhelm saturating my mind, my heart, and my body.

Astrology informed me of my unhealthy patterns, my deepest fears that I needed to overcome, and my life purpose and soul's calling.

When I was feeling frightened and paralyzed, astrology gave me direction ...not in a "I'm going to tell you what to do" kind of way, but in a way that asked the important questions and provided insight that resonated with my soul.

I was hooked.

And now I want to give the gift of astrology to you.

Ever had a time in your life when you can relate to the poop hitting the fan and you having no idea what to do next?

Maybe you even feel that way today. For example,

  • You may hate your job and wonder if you should really quit during a pandemic where job security is a true prize.

  • You may feel pulled toward having a baby and you're just not sure if motherhood is right for you because you have so many other goals and dreams in life.

  • You may have sent your last child off to college and wonder how you are going to keep busy and find new meaning.

  • Or you may be dialing down a high-powered career and need some help extricating yourself and designing what semi-retirement looks like.

Whatever your situation, if you are smack dab in the middle of a "what next?" moment, I feel for you and am here to introduce you to the power of astrology.

Astrology can help you in two powerful ways:

  1. Through unlocking your astrological birth chart (a snapshot of the planet-studded sky when you were born), you can see your cosmic DNA--the higher purpose your soul came here to live, along with your strengths and your karmic baggage.

  2. Through unlocking your astrological transit chart (a snapshot of the sky at this very moment and how it overlays your birth chart), you can see what your soul and Universe are calling you toward in this exact moment.

No more guesswork! How cool is that?!