What Does Your Astrology Chart Have to Tell You About 2020?

I use astrology because I have found it to be so helpful in my life.

When my marriage of 18 years started to crumble in 2015, I turned to astrology to understand what on earth was going on in my life and the heavens to create such intense and unexpected change.

I discovered I was going through something called my Uranus return, which is the astrological equivalent to a mid-life crisis or transformation.

My Uranus return occurred in my 7th house of marriage and like many Uranus returns, it struck my life like lightning.

I do not use astrology to predict the future--not only is that unethical, it is not possible given our free will here on this planet!

I use it instead to inform myself and my clients of the areas of their life that will be ripe for change, growth, and new creations in the months and year to come.

Working with our transiting astrological chart (a picture of where the planets are showing up in the different areas of our life right now) allows us to use our energy wisely, where it can be most effective.

It also tends to validate where we already know, at some level, we are being called to grow.

The funny thing is, we always have the answers inside of us, but we don't always want to hear them, because we are afraid of change, of hurting other people, or of breaking societal or family norms.

Gaining insight into our own unique astrological chart gives us full permission to be ourselves. It often validates the truth we know inside of us and can give us the courage to live it out in the world.

On the flip side, looking at our current astro chart can also help us identify what illusions and negative voices it's time to rid ourselves of so we don't get pulled off our natural soul's path.

The start of a new year can be a great time to see what the energy of the stars and planets are inviting you toward in the year to come. It can help you see where to best focus your energy, invest your time and resources, and find the courage to push yourself in new areas of growth.

What will your chart inform you about 2020?

My chart affirms for me this is a great year to launch my Soulful Living Project podcast and my online soulful dream life after divorce program.

I am also encouraged to continue feathering my nest, setting up a home and home office that I love.

Instead of feeling indulgent spending the money to transform my basement yoga room into an office, I know I am on my soul's path because I have the privilege of consulting my astrological chart, which provides communications from my higher self and the universe to me.

What will your astro chart invite you to create in 2020?

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