What Are the Gifts You Give

The other day, as I was leaving a convenience store with my hands full, a clean cut man in his thirties was holding the door open.

My hands were full and it came at just the right moment.

I walked through the door with a sense of relief that I didn't have to stuff everything under my arms to grab the door.

What a timely gift--a bear hug from the universe.

I expected the man to walk into the store afterward, but he held the door for a couple more people, and then walked toward his car.

It turns out that he wasn't going into the store after all. He was simply holding the door for people as a nice gesture on his way out.

On one hand, no biggie, and yet. It truly brightened my day to receive this simple gift at just the right moment.

It made me remember the tiniest gift my sister had given me years ago. I'm sure she has forgotten it.

It was an eyebrow brush around the time of my wedding. There was only one left on the drugstore shelf and we both wanted to purchase one. She let me have it.

This eyebrow brush is just a piece of black plastic, no more than two inches in length, and I think of my sweet sister every time I use it.

My sister has no idea of the echo effect of her kind demeanor all these years later.

What are the gifts you give every day with ease?

Do you stop to appreciate how you are impacting other people with your smile?

Your check-in text to make sure a friend is doing okay?

Your raw laughter at a humorous TV show that makes someone else smile because your pure joy is contagious?

Let this email be an invitation to start paying attention to the small gifts you give to other people, just by being you.

And don't forget to accept the bear hugs the universe is sending your way every day through other people.

What are the gifts you give?

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