Today Is the Day to Let Go of What's No Longer Serving You

Something special is happening in the heavens today.

Our spiritual teacher, and the great expander, Jupiter, is crossing the South Node of Karma.

Energetically, this event is giving us a big, juicy invitation to release the outdated baggage we've been carrying around that no longer serves us.

The universe is opening a door of opportunity and making it easier than ever today (and this month) to let go of the toxic beliefs, things, people, places, thought patterns, and ways of operating that do not bring us the life we wish to live.

Will you walk through this door of opportunity?

It is rarely easy to let go of patterns, people or places that we feel are part of us, even if we know on some level that they hurt or hinder us.

Oftentimes, we have a love-hate relationship with these things, making it even harder to let go. We get something from keeping them in our lives.

But what do we give up???

Today is the kind of day that you have the universal winds at your back, pushing you to release the outdated, outmoded, and irreparable so that you can make room for what you truly want to attract.

It helps if you understand karma.

Sometimes people, places or things are in our lives because we loved or hated them in the past.

Maybe we have been traveling with their souls (or these energies) for centuries.

This karmic or soul connection can make it very hard to let go in this lifetime, even if we know at some level it would be healthiest for us to do so.

If you find yourself in this situation, trust that you will always stay connected, at a soul level, to loved ones that you release on Earth for now. And you will surely meet again, if not in this lifetime than in the next.

Your souls may remain connected in the now as well, in dimensions beyond Earth, as a part of our souls always remains "on the other side."

For me, it is toxic beliefs and mindsets that I am letting go of, not people.

I've had enough with the shame I gathered in my childhood after my parents divorced--and in a past lifetime when I was a minister who was tortured and excommunicated for being gay (an awareness I have due to past life regression and meditation work that I have done).

Intense, right? Time to let it go!

Today, I am healing and releasing this karmic baggage and legacy of shame so I can fully step into my role as a spiritual teacher, without fear of being hurt or ostracized.

I will dedicate my daily meditation today to this process of letting go. Nothing fancy, just 10 minutes spent laying in shavasana yoga pose, with gentle music playing and an intention to release this old mindset, centered in a simple prayer of release to my soul.

You can design your own intentional 10 minutes of release too.

What are you ready to release today that will create space and set you free to build the life you dream for yourself?

The universal winds are at your back, gently urging you to take this next brave step.

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