The Eclipses Are Coming!

Eclipse season has begun. As one of my favorite astrologers, Anne Ortelee says, "The eclipses are coming! The eclipses are coming!"

We will be having three rather than the usual two eclipses this season, so buckle your seat belts.

Eclipses are opportunities for us to see what we haven't seen before--or to see something more clearly--as well as to release old baggage and make changes that have been coming for some time and that we can no longer ignore.​ ​

Eclipse season officially opened on May 22 with the new moon in Gemini so the energy of the season is already being felt. (Um, yes!)

Tomorrow, Friday June 5, that same moon cycle goes full and we will experience a lunar eclipse, when the full moon in Sagittarius gets darkened by the earth's shadow for a few hours.

(The second eclipse will be a solar eclipse on June 21, and the last will be another lunar eclipse on July 5 so stay tuned for those.) ​

You know the old story about how people go crazy during full moons? (thus the word "lunatic" which has the Latin word for moon--luna--in it). ​

Well, a lunar eclipse, like the one we are having tomorrow at 1:45 PM EDT/10:45AM PDT, is like a full moon on steroids.

The moon rules our emotions so a full moon eclipse is likely to put all of us on an even higher emotional roller coaster tomorrow.

Do what you need to do to take care of yourself: breathe, take a 5 minute break, stretch, hug your pet or stuffed animal, run to the bathroom and cry, or jump in your car, lock the doors, and scream.

This lunar eclipse will be occurring in the sign of Sagittarius opposite the Gemini Sun and Venus, inviting us to:

  • trade a know-it-all attitude for one of curiosity -- opinions are flying right now: where can you create room for two-sided dialogue and how can you cultivate an attitude of interest and curiosity? how do you want to inform and educate yourself on all the important topics?

  • come out of isolation and get connected to positive, like-minded communities (virtually or while wearing a mask and social distancing) -- how can you give back to your community and world using your unique strengths and gifts? protesting? writing your congress people? building bridges through conversation? donating to a cause you believe in? volunteering time at a food pantry?

  • recognize & release old belief systems that no longer serve you and gather new information to guide you toward your enlightened future outlook -- what biases do you hold? how can you open up your viewpoint to include other perspectives? do you have the courage to have tough conversations? how can we think outside the box to solve problems and address challenges?

  • get clear on what you value in your life and your world and take action to bring about the desired change; one step at a time equals good walking

Friday's eclipse will be at a square angle to the warrior planet Mars, so anger may be in the air as well (ya think?!)

As with all energies, our invitation is to play at the highest level of that energy. If your anger gets stoked, aim to express it in healthy ways that allow you to assert yourself without harming others.

Mars can also represent action, assertion, and motivation too--all good stuff.

I am reminded of the protests in Seattle aired on TV news on Wednesday evening in which demonstrators appeared very peaceful from an arial view and yet at ground view their chants for social justice were loud, organized, and clear.

In these challenging times, I do not profess to have all the answers. As an astrologer, I use the movement and placement of the planets and the stars to guide the questions I ask and the perspectives I offer. Let them be a starting point for your own unique journey of exploration.

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