Sun in Pisces: What's Your New Dream?

With the Mercury retrograde over and the sun in Pisces until March 19, it is a wonderful time to dream.

It is not quite yet springtime, but we can feel that spring is coming.

The days have grown longer, giving us a hint of the new season to come.

The cold weather is starting to recede, and we are celebrating that we made it through another winter.

On March 19, when spring officially begins and the sun moves into Aries (11:49PM ET/8:49PM PT) and spring begins, we will enter the season of new beginnings and planting seeds.

What new beginning do you crave?

What seeds are you ready to plant?

How has the stress of a worldwide virus outbreak (aka coronavirus) and the economic volatility of recent weeks affected your dream?

How can you take care of yourself in these stressful times and also give back to the community that needs you?

Where do you need to adjust your expectations?

And how can you remain optimistic and continue to promote personal growth even when the world around us seems scary, stressful, and chaotic?

Let us harness the energy of the Pisces sun to help us dream.

Find time to shut out the news, and recharge in your daydreams.

Lay on the couch, have a picnic, or go for a walk.

I was so busy last Sunday that I could hardly see straight, but my daughter kept nudging me to plan something special for us before the day ended. We carved out an hour and had a great mini-picnic in that time.

We enjoyed a card game of Uno and some strawberry smoothies while chilling out on a blanket at our local park.

Kids played nearby with their parents and pet owners walked their dogs. It was rejuvenating!

How can you create your own sacred time and space?

If you need some inspiration, call up a friend whose sun sign is in Pisces and chat for a bit or plan a play date. Pisces exude a wonderful dreamy energy, and an ability to go with the flow of life, even when times are stressful.

On that note, happy birthday to all of our Pisces friends!

Thank you for reminding us of the magic of the universe around us, for being so kind and flexible, for role modeling how to dream, and for showing us empathy and love.

You make the world a better place!

As you dream your new dream, here is one caveat: give yourself some time too to mourn the old dream you may be letting go.

The Sun conjuncted Neptune in Pisces on March 8th and that conjunction is completing as we speak so you may be in the process of dispelling illusions and releasing old dreams.

It can be hard to let go. You may feel sad.

If so, trust that this is part of the life cycle and that all things in life are more or less unfolding for your greatest good.

And know that this mama bear for your soul is always cheering you on.

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