Scorpio Season Is Here: Take the Plunge With this New Moon!

Do you feel that Scorpio energy in the air? The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all hanging out in the Scorpio segment of the sky right now. The new moon is happening there tomorrow (Sunday) too.

Enjoy all this big Scorpio energy. It's time for Halloween, exploring the darker side of life, and going deep.

Happy birthday to our Scorpio friends who role model this energy for us every day!

At its best, Scorpio has us unafraid to ask the tough questions, get to the truth of things, and feel our emotions and our passion.

At its toughest, Scorpio energy may incite our feelings of jealousy, paranoia, and need to control.

A couple of upcoming astrological events to be mindful of this week are shown below.

1. The new moon is in Scorpio tomorrow (Sunday) at 11:38PM ET. It is a great time to set goals and intentions that you want to realize by May 2020 when the full moon in Scorpio occurs.

Email me to find out where your New Moon in Scorpio is happening so you know in what area of life to set your intentions.

2. Our next Mercury retrograde (in Scorpio) is coming up, on 10/31, AKA Halloween, so be ready to go even deeper into the Scorpio energy.

Remember that retrogrades are a time to review, reflect and resolve, so you may be traveling through some deep Scorpio energies to get there.

Passion, anger, intensity, black-and-white thinking, investigation, discovery, and transformation are all possibilities. Use your free will to manage the worst and cultivate the best in Scorpio.

During this season of Scorpio, no matter what package the news comes in (trick or treat), there is an opportunity for transformation by slowing things down, going deep, and finding the courage to become the next version of you.

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