Are You Actually Ready to Shine?

If you are like me, you know you were put on this planet for a purpose, and you know you have something to give the world.

But sometimes you get held back by uncertainty about the "what" you are meant to give exactly. Other times, you hit obstacles that SLOW YOU DOWN.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated lately by not experiencing enough progress toward your goals, you may appreciate this astrological update.

Right now, with Pluto and Saturn conjuncting each other in the sign of Capricorn, we are meant to be PREPARING for the transformation we seek.

That's right, we are not meant to debut ourselves or our work to the world at this exact moment.

We are meant to put into place the structures we need in order to have our debut or our personal, relational, or professional breakthrough just a bit down the line--in 2020.

In January, Saturn and Pluto will reside at the same degree, catalyzing a transformation that will flow from all the hard work you put into place in this last quarter of 2019.

For me, this Pluto-Saturn conjunction is occurring in my 11th house of social networking, groups, and community.

So I naturally find myself spending a lot of time updating my website to feature some group programs I'll be offering in 2020 and beyond.

Some days, I get so frustrated that it is taking me sooooo long to update and expand my website, and then I remind myself to take my astrology vitamins that tell me to be patient.

As much as I feel ready to do my vocation in the world, the planets, with their divine timing, remind me that I need structures in place before I can proceed.

What are the structures you need to put in place so you can truly shine your gifts in 2020?

Do you need to upgrade your website or blog?

Do you need to carve out an office space at your home or rent a co-working space with others?

Do you need to learn how to set boundaries with friends, family, or work colleagues?

Do you need to sign up for a class or commit to a regular practice?

Next time you find yourself feeling frustrated that you're not living your dream, ask yourself what structures you need to put into place so your dream can be realized.

There is just no rushing the process. Sigh.

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