On Easter: Closed for Business, But Open for Change

Happy Easter! Happy rebirth! Happy next chapter!

While there is plenty to feel glum or fearful about these days, let's see if we can take a break for just one day to steep ourselves in the hope of springtime.

Laugh with your loved ones, in person, over the phone, or on live video.

Watch a movie.

Find a patch of grass to run through.

Play with your pets!

Public life is closed right now, but how do you want to open up hope and happiness somewhere inside of you?

As I drove through my shuttered town this week to do some banking, drop some bills at the post office, and shop for groceries (my one big outing for the week, which I cherish as an opportunity to get out of the house and see other albeit masked humans), I saw the darkened store fronts and "CLOSED" signs on the shop doors.

The first feeling I had was sadness...sadness that we have to go indoors right now, and scatter away from each other at socially appropriate distancing of 6 feet, at the very time of year when we are all ready to emerge from our winter caves.

Sadness at all of the loss of life we are experiencing as a nation and a world.

And sadness too when I think about the pain shop owners are feeling as their businesses--and personal finances--take a major hit.

But seeing all those CLOSED signs on the door made me wonder...

...what is opening up inside of ourselves during these strange times when public life is CLOSED?

For some of us, we've been thrown into solitude and isolation.

Others are home wrangling kids and their schoolwork or juggling work-from-home responsibilities that could fray the nerves of the best of us.

No matter whether we are fried with the intense at-home pace of work or stripped bare in the silence, we are all experiencing our greatest fears and issues in hyperbolic technicolor.

Our anxieties, our frustrations, our deep-seated shame, guilt, and worry...they are all being reflected back to us by this crisis like a great big mirror that has dropped in front of us and caused us to come to a screeching, uncomfortable halt.

So my question to you is...

While public life is closed, what kind of personal growth and change is this time opening up in you?

Take a minute to contemplate that now, or if you'd like to go a bit deeper...

  • Keep a pad of paper or a journal by your bedside, and when you wake in the morning or before you go to bed, write down what's been going on for you lately at a deeper level.

What are the ways you find yourself changing for the better lately? I promise, you are.

  • If you don't like to write things down, have a conversation with a friend to talk it out, or ponder this question while you are going for a walk.

Like it or not, the universe has put us all in one, big divine timeout, so each of us can learn what we need to learn or remember what we need to remember in order to up-level for the new age.

It's not a punishment, though it may feel that way at times.

It's a great big rinsing in the washing machine of life so we can release the toxins that were starting to saturate us.

This quarantine is forcing us to rinse, to rebalance, to simplify.

We will come out the other side, more ourselves than ever.

What are you remembering about you?

What are you discovering?

What must you carry forward, even when the stores open back up?

As painful as this time is, it has meaning and purpose.

The loved ones we are losing are the valiant guides who are crossing to the other side to remind us of what is most important to us.

And I promise you, they are still with us in spirit, guiding us, whispering to us, and reminding us to remember what is best in ourselves so we can do better by each other and the planet.

I am wishing you peace, calm, and rebirth in these difficult times that will bring you back to YOU.

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