Why the New Moon Today in Aquarius Is So Important

Happy new moon in Aquarius!

After weeks of me discussing Capricorn energy with you, I am delighted to share that the Sun moved into Aquarius on Monday, and the new moon today is taking place in Aquarius too.

It's nice to lighten things up a bit with this shift into the sign of innovation, equality, access, diversity, and holistic well-being. It's not that Capricorn energy is bad...it's just that there have been five luminaries in that sign--and any sign amplified to that degree can feel intense.

Here's why I find today's new moon in Aquarius so important for us to recognize:

A Fresh Start: This new moon symbolically ends December and January's eclipse season, creating a clean slate for us to move forward from after the intense events and discoveries of this eclipse season.

A Portal to the Aquarian Age: I see this new moon as an entryway into the next 2.5 years that Saturn will be in Aquarius (beginning in the Spring), inviting us to truly step into the next phase of human development, one marked by peace, acceptance, diversity, equality, access, and connection to our spirit.

By setting our intentions consciously now, we can get a jump start on all that Saturn in Aquarius has to offer us.

If you feel called to honor the new moon tonight when you get home from work or errands, or even this weekend while the energy of the new moon lingers...

...create a simple new-moon ceremony that is as practical or as spiritual as you.

Take a walk outside, light a candle, write in your journal, say a prayer, talk to your soul, or take a ritual shower or bath.

You could simply ride your indoor bike, go to a yoga class, or swim some laps and set an intention that your exercise period will be in honor of the new moon.

Take this time to appreciate what you have experienced in the month of January, to release it, and to start anew...

If you are not called to go deep right now or you are too busy, let the reading of this email be enough to mark this important day and to stir your soul to send you the messages you need on its own. Maybe take 5 calming breaths in and out before you continue on your day.

For those who want to go deeper, you can meditate on or journal answers to these two questions during your new-moon ceremony:

  • What did you discover about yourself and the world around you during December and January, and given this new information, what fresh start would you like to give yourself?

  • What would you like to create over the next 6 months that you can complete and celebrate by the full moon in Aquarius that will take place in August 2020?

Today's new moon--and the Sun in Aquarius until February 19--provide us a great opportunity to reflect on who we want to be in this new 2000 year cycle of the Aquarian Age...

Next week, I will send you an email exploring what this month's Sun in Aquarius--and the Age of Aquarius--has to teach us. For now, happy new moon!

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