My Valentine's Invitation to You

It is with great delight that I write with no astrological updates at all...just a big, heartfelt wish that you, a beautiful part of my community, and a citizen of the world with your own unique gifts to give, have a special Valentine's day, evening, and weekend.

Regardless of whether you will be spending this time with a gaggle of loved ones, a special date, or your own beautiful and cozy soul, may you feel embraced and uplifted by love.

You are loved by so many more than you even realize. There are people's lives you touch every day and don't give yourself nearly enough credit for. You are a worthy and wonderful human being.

So, on this special day where we remember those we love and appreciate, Will you be YOUR valentine?

I dare you.

That's right. Look in the mirror or simply sit on the couch and take a minute to hug and appreciate you. Look how far you've come on this journey called life!

My goodness, it isn't easy sometimes. But you are here and you are lovely.

Monday is a new day to work at creating what you want next in life. But for this evening, this day, this weekend, give yourself full-on credit for being YOU.

Let that be enough. And, believe me, it is plenty.

Celebrate you.

Honor you.

And love yourself like only you can do.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This Mama Bear loves you and so do many others!

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