The Most Important List You Will Write in 2019

With the holiday season starting to jingle around us, many of us will be making our mental, paper or virtual to-do lists to ensure that we get the right Thanksgiving ingredients in the cupboard, the holiday cards signed and sent, and the gifts for loved one's purchased.

As a mama bear for your soul and an emissary for the stars and the planets, I want to remind you in all of this season's list-making to remember to make one very important list that will help you launch 2020 in really good stead.

With Pluto and Saturn conjuncting each other in the sign of Capricorn on January 12th, we are currently being called to put the structures in place in our lives that we need in order to achieve the transformation that is awaiting us in 2020.

So: What structures, routines, frameworks, and tools do you need to put in place NOW? It's time to make your list--and then start executing.

My list looks like this:

  • schedule weekly exercise so that I remember to do it complete my upgraded website

  • get a Podcast cover designed

  • get back to planning each week in my bullet journal

The structures I need to add into my life are not earth-shattering, but I know they are important for me to evolve to the next level of my personal and professional fulfillment.

You're list might look totally different than mine because your Pluto-Saturn conjunction may not be happening in the house of social networking as mine is. It might be in the house of family, inner child, marriage, career, or sexuality.

Here's your challenge if you choose to accept it:

Option 1: When you close this email, set a timer and take 10 minutes to write down the structures, tools, and practices you know you need to add to your life to give you the clarity and strength you need in 2020 to soar (AKA achieve your big goal/s).

Option 2: When you close this email, schedule 10 minutes on your calendar to write down the structures, tools, and practices you know you need to add to your life to give you the clarity and strength you need in 2020 to soar. Set a reminder for the date and stick to it.


I am sending you this email now as we only have two more months until the Pluto-Saturn conjunction takes place.

One of the things that my study of the planets and stars has taught me is that energy "portals" open and close. We have windows of opportunities.

If we miss a window of opportunity, we may not be as prepared for what is coming next.

It's kind of like showing up to cook Thanksgiving dinner without doing any of the prep work to make sure your kitchen is stocked.

No matter how excited you are to cook the holiday meal...

...if you don't have the potato peeler, the turkey baster, and all of the right dinner ingredients, you are going to struggle and take a lot longer.

You won't enjoy the day as much and the meal might not taste very good.

As astrologer Anne Ortelee says from time to time on her Weekly Weather podcast (and I'm paraphrasing here), the stars do not force us, they invite us.

We have free will. How will you use yours?

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