Mercury Rx Ends But Shadow Remains Thru 3/29 - How to Make the Most of It

Hip, hip, hooray! You survived another Mercury retrograde!

This one ends tonight but keep reading because the shadow period lasts for the rest of the month.

How'd it go?

  • What emotions were you asked to feel and release?

  • What boundaries were you called to set?

  • What illusions did you trade for clear seeing?

As Mercury stations tonight to go direct, it will be MOVING FORWARD THROUGH ALL THE SAME DEGREES of (briefly Aquarius and then) Pisces that it went "backward" through for the past 3.5 weeks.

This will occur from now until March 29. It's called the shadow period. During the shadow period you will have an opportunity to start living some area of your life in a new way based on your Mercury retrograde experience.

In whatever ways your mindset shifted during the past 3.5 weeks--and there may have been all kinds of up's and down's and twists and turns to get there--you can now put that revised and refreshed mindset into real action.

Make sense?

You really don't have to work hard to make this happen as it will tend to happen naturally.

Life will give you opportunities to start walking your new walk.

How will you put into action the insights you gained during Mercury retrograde?

The rest of the month will naturally provide you with opportunities to do so.

As you may know, because Mercury retrogrades can be wonky (and this one was in cloudy-headed, daydreamy Pisces so all the more so), you are not supposed to make actual decisions or sign contracts during the retrograde period.

As Mercury moves forward again (hooray!), you will now be in a better position to interpret the information you contemplated during the retrograde, and take action on it.

What you thought you wanted to do during the retrograde may not be exactly what you want to do now that the retrograde ended.

  • So if you thought you wanted to return to a former relationship, you may change your mind now that the Rx has ended.

  • If you agreed to take a new job or accept a new commitment, you may realize that you actually don't want to.

  • In my case, I no longer agree with a deal I struck with my ex over the retrograde to convince him to keep the kids home from France over Spring break due to the coronavirus. Ugh.

Winding your way out of any Mercury retrograde cloudy-headed thinking can be a bit painful, but it's necessary since we are spiritual adults who are the leaders of our lives.

As a mama bear for your soul, I'm cheering you on, whether your Mercury retrograde realizations hold steady or you need to tweak them before you move on.

Lastly, I'm inviting you to continue treating yourself with large doses of compassion and empathy as you make your way through the month of March while the Mercury Rx shadow period ends and the sun itself is in compassionate and emotional Pisces.

Give yourself some extra time to process all that you have learned during this Mercury retrograde and will be learning during the shadow period, before the Sun moves into Aries on March 20th, when the astrological new year and spring begin.

The time for Aries' new pursuits and the beginning of things is just around the corner.

In the meantime, I'm sending you all the best as you complete the growth called into your life by the slow exhale of the Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

P.S. Happy full moon in Virgo! Enjoy some extra clarity!

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