Libra Season is Here: Time for Balance & Beauty

The Virgo season of reaping the harvest, getting back to school, and clearing out from our lives that which we no longer need has come to a wrap, and we are now into Libra season.

The Sun moved into the sign of balance this past Monday (9/23), joining Mercury and Venus.

With Libra season in full swing, it's a wonderful time to:

  • enjoy beauty - appreciate the changing color of the leaves, treat yourself to some fresh flowers, take more care to enjoy dressing in something stylish, or visit an art museum you've been wanting to frequent

  • revel in relationships - before the days get too short and it's time to get cozy inside, spend some time with friends, socializing. If you are an extrovert, plan a group outing or evening social event; if you are an introvert, like me, make plans to have dinner or coffee with a good friend

  • restore balance - consider where in your relationships you would like to cultivate more balance and harmony and adjust accordingly. Are you willing to do something kind to support someone you love? Or do you need to ask for what YOU need in a relationship?

  • Mend fences where they can be healed, and if they cannot, it may be time to move on to create inner peace.

Happy birthday to all of our Libra friends and family!

Thank you for role modeling for the rest of us what it means to be kind, fair, and diplomatic.

Thank you for helping us to see the beauty in the world around us, and for reminding us how much fun a balanced friendship can be.

We all have Libra in our astrological charts.

See where you are being pulled this month to create more balance, peace, and harmony, and you will have a clue as to where Libra may be dancing in your chart this month!

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