How to Get the Most Out of Today's Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

I mentioned on Tuesday that this is a big week for transformation. Today is a halfway-point on that journey so I wanted to check in.

  • Have you been feeling more tired or been moving more slowly than usual?

  • Have you had a moment (or three) where the annoyances or pressures of life had you throwing your hands up in frustration at the sky or venting to a loved one or friend?

  • Have you felt a strong need to accomplish your dreams or ambitions at the same time that you have looked at the mountainous path to them and wondered if you will ever get there?

If so, astrology tells us that you are right where you need to me. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, and the South Node are all in Capricorn right now, the sign of the mountain, the mountain goat, ambitions, obstacles, contraction, pressure, slow-downs, and responsibility.

Maybe your Capricorn experience has been different than mentioned here.

Whatever it has been, I am sending you my love and encouragement.

With the full moon in Cancer today, it is a great time to manage all this Capricorn energy by giving yourself some self-care and love.

It's Friday! When the work day is done, do your best to carve out a evening that nurtures your body and your soul. Cancer invites you to

  • spend time with close friends, family, or your pets

  • cherish some cozy time at home

  • go for a swim at a heated pool or take a relaxing bath or shower enjoy some healthy comfort food

  • have a good cry on the shoulder of a loved one or while watching a movie or writing in your journal

If it's cozy or nurturing to you, Cancer says "go"!

Today's full moon is particularly powerful because it is going to be a partial lunar eclipse at 2:21PM ET/11:21AM PT today.

It will not be visible to those of us living in North America, as the moon will be below our horizon at that time (revealing itself to those in Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa), but the energy of this event will be present for all of us, somewhere in our lives and our astrological charts.

To keep it simple, think of it as a great time to release and complete that which is done or no longer serves us.

Career astrologer and podcaster Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology and The Cosmic Calling podcast describes the significance of a lunar eclipse in this way:

"Full Moons are already times of release, but a Lunar Eclipse is an especially powerful time to let go of the past, remove our self-imposed blocks and barriers, and release limiting beliefs that have been holding us back from shining our brightest" (Weekly Highlights Email, Jan 5-11).

What are you ready to release or bring to completion today?

If you'd like, take a moment to consider this question, and if something comes up, say a prayer to release it, write a letter about what you are releasing and burn it in a safe place, or ask your soul to grant you the courage to release it, and see what emerges.

If nothing comes to mind, don't force anything. I suggest you simply practice self-love and take a gentle, compassionate approach with yourself as you move through the day.

If something needs to come up, it will. When it does, you'll be ready with a hot cup of tea and a handful of self-compassion.

Stay tuned for my post this weekend explaining how you can get the most out of this week's biggest astrological event--the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction that is happening THIS Sunday. This is a 500-year event! Let's get the most out of it that we can!

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