Happy Sagittarius Season, and Thanksgiving Too

Happy early Thanksgiving to you!

As the final leaves fall off the trees, the days get shorter, and we are reminded by the weather that winter is on its way, the Sun moves into the portion of the sky held by Sagittarius.

Happy birthday to all you Sagittarians out there!

Thank you for reminding us of the power of pithiness, truth, and visionary thinking.

You remind us not to get lost in the weeds, and to keep our feet planted firmly on earth while looking to the heavens for inspiration.

With the sun in Sagittarius right now, it's a great time to do some high-level strategic thinking, to dream up your vision for 2020, or educate yourself on a lofty topic that intrigues you.

Sag is a great teacher and learner, especially on topics related to spirituality, philosophy, and any topic at an advanced level.

I hold a special place in my heart for the energy of Sagittarius. The first reason is cute and cuddly and his name is Murphy.

Murphy, our family dog and the canine love of my life, was born under a sun in Sagittarius.

My grandfather was also a Sagittarian, and I adored him, but he's not as fluffy as Murphy so he doesn't get a photo shout-out here. ;-)

Enjoy this holiday season if you can.

If you are blessed to be with friends and family, take a deep inhale and enjoy breathing in the buzz of the energy around you.

If you are spending a quieter holiday, embrace yourself with love. Light some candles, bake yourself a delicious pie, and watch a few good movies.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving cosmic friends! I am grateful for your presence in my life!

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