Happy 2020: Looking Back to Move Forward

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Happy, happy new year!

I hope that you had a magical evening of celebration last night as the minutes of the clock ticked down from one year in order to spring us into the next.

Before I invite you to consider your New Year's resolutions (if you so choose), I want you to look back over 2019 and appreciate all that you created, experienced, and accomplished.

It is so easy to start piling onto ourselves wishes for what we hope to accomplish in the future. My job as a mama bear for your soul is to encourage you to stop and appreciate who you already are.

Take a few moments now...or before you create your New Year's resolutions...to take stock and appreciate WHO YOU ALREADY ARE on January 1, 2020.

  • What did you accomplish or create in 2019 that you are proud of?

  • What kind of presence did you bring to your life and your loved ones? (the being part of you, rather than the doing part of you)What challenging experiences did you survive?

  • How did you grow as a person?

There are items on my to-do list from last year that I did not accomplish and that is often the voice in my head that I hear.

But today on the first day of the new year, I insist on stopping to appreciate what I DID accomplish, and so should you.

I bet you will be surprised by how much you created, accomplished, or experienced in

the year--especially if you allow yourself to be liberal in what you include on your list.

Stop to appreciate everything, even the small or intangible moments, even the times that the outcomes were different than you were seeking or anticipating.

For example, I "lost" the custody trial this summer in which I advocated for my daughter's wish to come live with me, but I still fully appreciate the value of the process.

My daughter will always have me as a role model who honored her wishes and fought for her, and I hope that voice of self-advocacy will remain in her heart and head when she passes into adulthood.

I faced demons in the courtroom too and emerged from the experience stronger, more at peace with myself and more confident and centered.

Even a painful depression I experienced the past couple of months that knocked me on my bum helped me grow as a person.

How have you emerged stronger from the experiences and awakenings you've had in the past year?

What items on your to-do list of career or personal growth did you check off? Give yourself credit even for half steps. Everything counts!

Now read this list over and savor it.

Light a candle. If you are in a safe place, burn the list over the sink or a tin pan and watch as the smoke stretches to the heavens in honor of you and your 2019.

You are now ready to write your 2020 goals and resolutions for change and transformation.

If you need a little help, check out my blog post on how to write your to-do list in sync with the current energy of the planets and stars.

Here's to creating a 2020 full of the things that are most meaningful to your soul!

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