Finding Hope Among 2020 Presidential-Election Nerves

Happy Election Day!

I am wishing you health, safety, and patience as you go to vote today.

If you have already voted, I am hoping your early ballot has made it safely into the hands of your local election office where it will be counted.

Are you stressed? On edge? Worried? I know I am.

I am rooting for the outcome I think is best for this country in these difficult times, and if it does not come to pass, I will be tempted toward a feeling of hopelessness and darkness.

Yet, as long as I'm alive on this planet, I will always fight my way back to faith and optimism and try to do my best to see and be the light.

So, for now, I hope.

In the midst of these challenging and polarized times, I choose to believe that the best in human beings shall ultimately prevail--that each of us, regardless of differences of opinion, can be torch bearers of love.

The wonderful truth is that the things that unite us are far greater than those that have the potential to divide us.

Case in point: Half of my large, extended Italian American family are Republicans and half are Democrats. Our differences in political affiliation have no bearing on the amount of love we have for each other.

Although it is not always easy to discuss politics among us, our love and care for each other is 100 percent.

This is true for many of us across America, whether in our extended families, our neighborhoods, and of course our country.

Although we may not always agree on the best path forward for America, there is much that we share in common.

We all want peace and security.

We all want health.

We all love our friends and our families.

We all are seeking happy lives.

We all want the best for our children and the next generation.

So...on this intense election day and election season, let us remember that regardless of what outcome we are rooting for in this presidental election...

...the one thing we can control after our vote is cast is our PROCESS--the way we choose to show up in our lives in each and every moment, small and large.

To create the positive world we seek, we must begin with ourselves.

May we advocate for what we believe in while continuing to conduct ourselves with dignity, kindness, and love.

May we choose curiosity, communication, and collaboration rather than division and hatred.

I know we are capable of this, and that ultimately the goodness of humanity shall prevail.

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