3 Tips for Soulfully Managing Darker Days

How are you handling the shorter, darker days?


There are not too many of us who jump up and down when we start to lose daylight. I know I don't.

So I'm checking in to offer a few tips for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere to help us navigate the challenge of shorter days.

See if one or more of these tips spark some helpful ideas for you.

Tip #1: Maximize the Benefits of Sunlight

Although the days are shorter and the Sun is further away right now, thankfully we still have daylight. See if you can carve out at least 15 minutes a day to get your beautiful face outside and facing toward the sun.

Soak in the sun not only for it's physical benefits, but also for the benefits to your soul. Akashic Records reader and podcaster Ashley Wood referred to it as downloading "light codes."

While I do not know if the sun can transmit information to us, I do know how wonderful I feel in my soul after turning my face toward the sun, closing my eyes while breathing in and out, and absorbing its rays.

If you can swing it, midday is a great time to get outside when the sun is at its highest point and easiest to access.

Tip #2: Bring Light Into Your Life Other Ways

To offset the shorter days, try to bring light into your life in other ways. Lighting a candle or burning a fire in the fireplace is a great way to bring warmth to the darker days.

Personally, I love candles and firelight. The joy I experience from each of these things almost makes the shorter days worth the tradeoff.

If you do not have a built-in fireplace, don't forget that home goods companies offer portable indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Hanging white lights is another way to lift your soul with some magic and sparkle.

And if you find yourself feeling physically depressed during the darker days, you may want to speak to your physician about the benefits of using a sun lamp.

Tip #3: Slow Down and Go Inward

Nature has cycles for a reason. Even if we go-getters hate slowing down to rest, the natural world knows better.

Take a cue from (deciduous) trees and plants, which shed leaves and stop bearing fruit with the shorter days and cooler temperatures, and trust that something valuable can come from downtime.

Read more books, watch more movies, and/or go to sleep earlier. Cozy up on the couch, drink hot tea or unsweetened cacao, or call a friend. Write in your journal, take a nap, or daydream.

Just as crop fields benefit from laying fallow, we humans also can benefit from rest.

This Autumn's darker days are being made all the harder by the COVID pandemic, which is keeping us isolated from each other. As a result, I think it's more important this Autumn and Winter than ever to find ways to manage these shorter days.

How do you make the most of these times of less daylight?

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