3 Sacred Ways to Honor the Full Moon in Taurus 2020

It's a magical and mystical time of year.

Are you able to take some time to savor it?

Holiday Brook Farm, Dalton, MA - Copyright 2020 Soulful Living Project

In the Northern hemisphere, days are getting cooler and shorter.

Some of us are watching the colors of the leaves change from green to red, orange, and yellow...to brown.

This Saturday (October 31) brings us a full moon in Taurus as well as the holiday of Halloween and the Celtic spiritual tradition of Samhain (pronounced sow-win), which honors the harvest and welcomes in the "dark half of the year."

Sunday (November 1) brings us the Day of the Dead, to welcome back the souls of deceased loved ones for a time of reconnection, and Monday (November 2) brings us All Soul's day, with similar intentions.

With the Sun in Scorpio right now, astrology (and these other traditions) remind us that the veil between earth and the spirit world is thin right now and it is easier to make contact.

Reflection at Fountain Pond State Park, Great Barrington, MA - Copyright 2020 Soulful Living Project

Those who came before us clearly noticed the unique energy of this time of year. How do you want to honor it?

Here are some simple ideas to help you connect with this special time of year in your own way.

  • Create an altar in honor of your deceased loved ones and ancestors, with items that connect you back to them--photos, jewelry, trinkets, heirlooms, artwork, memorabilia, flowers, candles, a glass of water, fruit, candles, incense, etc.--and light a candle and say a prayer to them. Ask your deceased loved ones for their wisdom and don't forget to cultivate silence so you can hear their answers in your heart or head.

  • Discover some wisdom from your past life to promote personal growth and healing. Go into meditation and ask for Spirit to provide you insight from a past life, treat yourself to past-life hypnosis or a past-life reading, or ask your soul to send you helpful information about a past life in a dream right before going to sleep. Don't forget to keep a journal by your bed, and realize too that even a single dream image can be useful. I'll be doing Ashley Wood's past life workshop, which is on sale this month.

  • Do a full-moon ritual. Harness the energy of the full moon to help you clear out space for what wants to come next in your beautiful, evolving life. Write a gratitude list or say a prayer for what you are thankful for, toast to your wins and celebrate completions, or write down old habits and mindsets you are ready to release and then dispose of them in a safe bonfire or with a match in an empty coffee can.

Pick one that works for you, or take the time to plan your own ritual (no matter how brief or simple...in busy times, a little can go a long way, even lighting a candle or deep breathing for 30 seconds).

It is a time of faith.

Faith that we need the darkness to support us in finding the quiet places where silent regeneration can happen.

Faith that death is only a transition.

Faith that life will come back again.

I am wishing you your own peaceful and faithful journey as you move through this time of year.

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