3 Easy Ways to Give Yourself More Love & Self-Care

Two weeks ago, I offered you three Capricorn strategies to help you through this winter. Why? Because Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Capricorn right now.

Today, I am excited to share three Cancerian astrological strategies to help you nurture yourself through this Capricorn-dominated intense and challenging energetic season.

Why Cancer? Because Cancer energy is a great way to balance out Capricorn. It lies opposite to Capricorn on the zodiac wheel and contains different and complementary energies.

Whereas Capricorn is about hard work and ambition in the world, Cancer is about love and nurturing at home and inside of your private emotional life.

And with the North Node of future destiny in the sign of Cancer right now, the universe is inviting you to enjoy and practice more self-care right now too.

Finally, an excuse to take care of you!

Here are three strategies you may want to employ this winter to help you engage in more self-care.

1. Surround yourself with comfort. Think about how your mom would treat you on a day you were home sick from school and give yourself those same kindnesses in an adult version whenever you can -- a hot cup of tea with lemon and honey or decaf coffee with a dash of cream in it, throw on an extra cardigan sweater for warmth, take a hot bath or shower, or wear those winter gloves and hat to keep warm even if you have to run back into the house to get them. Think about how you define "comfort" and come up with your own plan that works for you.

2. Take your time. Have you ever noticed how a crab (Cancer's totem) can stand almost frozen in place for a long time before moving? Give yourself the freedom this winter to watch and observe before you act. Don't feel like you have to move until you feel comfortable. In the real world, we may not be able to delay indefinitely, but adopting a mindset of moving at your own pace when you have the option can be a great way to heal and provide self-care.

3. Fill yourself up with love and all good things. Cancer energy is all about nurturing and love. Who better to give nurturing and love to you than yourself? Imagine you are your own mom and give yourself what you need several times a day. This may be as simple as saying something caring or encouraging to yourself like "I love you" or "You are doing great," or it may mean stopping at the store to get yourself some hot soup or other reasonably healthy comfort food that will cheer you on without weighing you down. What does self-love mean to you, and how can you be your number one cheerleader?

Hopefully, you are starting to get the gist of the kind of self-care that Cancer invites us to offer ourselves. Only you know what works best for you.

Regardless of the exact strategy you choose, this winter and early spring are a great time to practice caring for you, while the North Node of future destiny remains in the sign of Cancer (until May, when it moves into Gemini, the great commuicator).

What are three simple ways you can start caring for yourself more this month? Drop me a note and let me know!

And if you would like to work with me to bring more self-care and balance into your life, schedule a session here. With three planets in Cancer in my natal astrological chart, this Mama Bear for Your Soul is the queen of understanding nurturing energy and happy to support you on your journey!

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