3 Capricorn Tools to Help you Continue Releasing & Transforming

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Although the Sun moved into Aquarius on Monday, we are still energetically in Capricorn season, with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node there.

It's a time of contraction, and we could all use a few tips and tools to navigate it and lighten our loads.

While we wait for the universal energies stirred by the Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn conjunction on January 12, 2020 to shape us into that next more whole and balanced version of ourselves, here are three Capricorn tools you can use to help you on the journey of change, growth, and positive transformation.

1. Commit to a structured plan that you can follow regularly even when times get tough (e.g., take a class, join a group program, schedule your most important task on your calendar on a recurring basis--daily or weekly, decide what boundaries you must keep right now no matter what) and keep showing up.

2. Bring one or more tools into your life that will keep you on track and making progress toward your goal (e.g., get an app, buy a FitBit, acquire a new desk or organizational system for your office, find the right planner or planning system).

3. Surround yourself with positive voices of authority (spend time with friends and people who are positive that you respect, stop watching negative news, unsubscribe from junk-food podcasts or social media groups, meet regularly with a life coach or therapist, only follow those on social who are healthy and positive) so you can gather the wisdom you need to move forward.

As I look around me, I see many friends who are going through challenging times in their lives right now. While many things are good in my life right now, I too feel the very intense Capricorn energy in my body. I truly have to take life one day at a time right now. It's a time of contraction, and I feel it.

Where are you on this energetic journey?

The tools above can be a good way to help you stay on track when it would be easy to crawl into a hole and try to leave the world behind.

Since that is not an option for most of us (!) you can rely instead on structures, routine, discipline...and a huge helping of patience and perseverance...to get to the Springtime when Saturn moves into Aquarius and things should lighten up a bit.

Fieldwork for those who are interested: Whether you are having a challenging time of things, or simply have goals you want to achieve in 2020, I encourage you to schedule 15 minutes on your calendar to review the three Capricorn tools above and come up with a plan for how you would like to implement them. Sign up for a class, reorganize your closets, ask friends for a therapist recommendation, etc.

Some intentional planning now can provide some relief tomorrow and the next day when you need it!

In a couple of weeks, I will post three Cancer tools to help you navigate this time period as well. Cancer is the "opposite" energy to Capricorn and can be used to ease us through Capricorn times too, all the more so because the North Node is in Cancer right now.

Stay tuned!

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