3 Astrology-Inspired Tips for Easing--Not Crashing--Into this Bumpy New Year

It's 2021 but the times haven't gotten calmer or easier. What?!

Wasn't the turn to the new year going to magically whisk us into a new era where life got substantially better and we could leave all the troubles of 2020 behind?

Many of us certainly wished for that. But the crowd rush on the U.S. Capitol last week and continued high numbers of illness and death from COVID-19 have made it clear we are still working our way out of the challenging experience of 2020.

In spite of the continuing intensity of our times, there are things we can do to move closer toward that beautiful shining light at the end of the tunnel that we have been offered by a COVID-19 vaccine and incoming, new leadership who may be better able to manage the health crisis.

Here are three tips to get you through the intense launch into 2021.

#1: Hold to Your Vision

In the midst of chaos, a roadmap comes in handy. When the twists and turns of life start to feel like too much, use your ideal vision for your life for the next two to five years--to guide you. Don't have one? Then schedule time to create one, and follow steps 2 and 3 below while you are still fashioning one. With today's new moon in Capricorn, it's a great time to get clear on what mountaintop you want to climb to next. Set some new intentions!

If you do have a vision for where you are going, don't you dare give up on it. Simply break it down and focus on the pieces you can chip away at now. As for the rest--the stuff that can't be done during COVID--put it on a vision board or in your journal and create sacred time each day, week, or month to daydream about it. All creation must first begin with a thought.

#2: Treat Yourself to Something Nice

The list of things we can't do right now can feel abominable. The question is--what can you do? Dark times can give you an opportunity to find new light sources. I have a friend who lives in Tampa who is offering virtual trips to the beach to her friends and loved ones. This brings both her and the other people pleasure!

If another virtual meet-up makes you want to gag, then look elsewhere for small things that you can savor. Splurge on something fancy at the grocery store, cook yourself a nice dinner, and eat with cloth napkins and a fancy beverage in a wine glass. Take off a day from work and watch movies all day, with some freshly cooked popcorn. Go for a walk outdoors, and if it's cold, dress properly so you can savor the fresh air and the nature around you.

Dig out candles and start lighting them on a normal Monday. Buy yourself fresh flowers. Eat a piece of dark chocolate with your eyes closed. Take a nap on a Wednesday. A little planning, creativity and mindfulness go a long way. An attitude of savoring can yield so much joy.

#3: Just Breathe.

If in doubt, just breathe. Sometimes, showing up to each day is enough. We don't always have to be happy to be alive. In fact, what I've been discovering lately, with nowhere to escape to, is that I can survive my tough emotions like sadness, anger, and shame. I observe them, I feel them, I co-exist with them. I do not try to run away, and yet I do not plunge deeply into their abyss. Then, I sleep on them (thank God for sleep). When I awake, my painful emotions have diminished and eventually go away. No red wine, no cupcakes, and no other fancy distractions needed.

This Sunday, Jupiter (the planet that makes things bigger) squares Uranus (the rebellious planet of sudden, unexpected changes), giving us a preview of what's to come the rest of the year when Saturn (the task master) squares Uranus three times. This can be quite the intense energy. When we feel this intense energy, I recommend that we all remember to just breathe (and exhale longer than inhale as that's were the relaxation comes from!)

Astrologer Anne Ortelee suggested in her Weekly Weather podcast this week that we relax into the intense energy of these squares so that even if they feel like a car crash, we won't get whip lash. Instead, we can stand up--perhaps a bit shaken--and walk away unharmed. We can get back to chipping away at creating our vision for the new world that is emerging right now with baby steps.

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