35. How to Receive Messages from Your Soul While You Sleep

Do you have a question that you wish you could get an answer to? Ask your soul for wisdom! In this episode, I teach you 6 simple steps to receiving answers from your soul while you sleep. Here's a summary:

6 Steps to Receiving Messages from Your Soul While You Sleep

  1. At bedtime, put a journal or phone by your bedside
  2. Ask your soul a yes-or-no question*
  3. Go to bed/sleep
  4. Receive and notice your symbol
  5. Write your symbol down
  6. Interpret your symbol

      Bonus step: Act on the information you’ve received!

*Soul, please give me a symbol I will recognize, remember, and understand when I wake.

Example Questions to Ask Your Soul at Bedtime

  • At a soul level, do I want to stay in this relationship?
  • Soul, should I spend money on this thing I want?
  • At a soul level, do I want to I leave my job?

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