33. 3 Ways the North Node in Aries Is Calling Us to Grow as Individuals

The North Node moved into Aries (from Taurus) and the South Node moved into Libra (from Scorpio) on July 17/18, 2023, and will remain there for ~18 months, until January 2025. The moon’s nodes will not be in this set of energies again for another 18-19 years!

We have a year and a half to take on the best of Aries qualities—sense of self, courage, healthy risk taking, new beginnings, and ability to take action, and to release the lower vibe energies of Libra—ambivalence, self-doubt, people-pleasing, focus on the superficial, and loss of self in relationship.

In this episode, I share the fundamentals of what the nodes mean in astronomy and astrology, and then share three big ways that North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra 2023-2025 are calling us to grow.


Dates of North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra Transit

July 17, 2023 @ 3:46PM New York/EDT (add 5 hours for London and 14 hours Sydney) to January 11/12, 2025


What is the North Node and South Node in Astrology?

In astronomy:

“The North Node is the point where the orbit of the Moon intercepts the orbit of the Earth’s pathway around the Sun on its way to the Northern Hemisphere,” according to astrologer Marianne O’Hagan. Check out Marianne O’Hagan’s article here


In astrology:

The placement of the North and South nodes when you are born represent your soul mission and soul pattern for a lifetime.

  • North Node = Soul Mission = Future = Destiny
  • South Node = Soul Pattern = Past = Letting Go


The movement of the North and South Nodes into a new pair of astrology signs every 18 months is an invitation for us to embody the North Node energy and release the South Node energy for the next 18 months as a way to rebalance energies and evolve spiritually for our personal benefit and the good of society. If you know someone born during this time, this will be their soul mission (and soul pattern) for their whole lifetime.

The North Node recently moved into Aries and the South Node recently moved into Libra, so we are all called to embody high-vibe Aries traits for the next 18 months and to let go of low-vibe Libra traits to help us grow and evolve as individuals and a collective.


Resources to learn your North Node (Soul Mission) and South Nodes (Soul Pattern):

  1. Free Soul Mission Starter Kit – learn about your soul mission and those you know and love here
  2. Soul Mission Activation Kit - $12.22 – learn your Soul Mission and Soul Pattern and identify 3 SMART goals to bring it to life here
  3. Soul Mission Planner – learn about your soul mission at this time and enjoy 6 months of tools to fulfill it here


Recap of North Node and South Node meaning:

  • North Node – the energy, traits and behavior style we are called to embody and learn about for the next 18 months (or our lifetime if we were born under that node)
  • South Node – the energy, traits, and behavior style we are called to reduce and release for the next 18 months (or our lifetime if we are born under that node)


Three Calls to Action from North Node Aries + South Node Libra

  1. Be less relationship-oriented and more individualistic
  2. Get clear on your identity
  3. Release ambivalence and take action

Listen to the episode for more details!


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