30. New Moon in Gemini: Permission to Be Playful

Happy new moon in Gemini! In this episode, we explore how you can harness the energy of the new moon in Gemini to make progress toward your goals by networking, communicating, gathering information, and spending time in your local neighborhood and surroundings—all strengths of Gemini energy.

 New Moon Ritual

You can jump to Minute 23:19 for the channeled message from the Akashic records and our new moon ritual. It is a message from Archangel Azrael, inviting us to take on a playful approach, rather than a perfectionistic approach, when aiming to achieve our goals.

Journal Prompts (or click here for access to a printable PDF)

  • How do you want to network, have conversations, and travel in your local environment to spread your message or gather information that helps you start a new venture or the next chapter of an existing venture?
  • Where are you willing to play and discover rather than be perfect and achieve?
  • If you choose to hold a playful attitude, rather than a perfectionistic attitude, how might you benefit?

Soul Mission Keywords

Learn more about Taurus and Gemini energy here

Important Dates

  • The New Moon in Gemini occurs on Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 9:37PM PDT / Sunday June 18 at 12:37 AM EDT / 4:37 GMT / 2:37PM AEST
  • Jupiter moved into Taurus on May 16, 2023 and remains there until May 25, 2024

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