15. Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Managing Profound Change One Step at a Time

Navigate the challenges of this eclipse season using patient, grounded Taurus energy, fully discussed in today's podcast episode. Archangels Ariel and Gabriel also deliver a message of encouragement during Suzanne Bellavista's channeled message from our community’s (Soulful Living Project’s) Akashic records.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus will occur on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 2:59AM PST/5:59AM EST/ 10:59 GMT/ 8:59 PM AEST.

Reflection Questions/Journal Prompts (or click here for a printable PDF)

• What external source of power over you are you no longer willing to tolerate and are you ready to remove from your life?

• How do you want to reclaim your feminine power to create worlds?

• What Taurus resources and wisdom do you want to use to navigate through the challenges of eclipse season? (e.g., presence, surrender, taking the next step, engaging in the material plane, and using your five senses)

You have Chiron in Aries in your birth chart if you were born during: 1968-1977 or 1918-1927

NPR article on the lunar eclipse

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